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Patpong revisited

ladyboy cockI went into Patpong the other evening, and for the first time in a long time I went into a couple of the better-known girlie go-go bars. My usual trail takes me to the French Kiss, an elaborate bar-beer where you can enjoy a thoroughly good menu of French food, and on of course to KC3, the first ladyboy bar in Bangkok and still going strong. I don’t usually bother with the Patpong girlie bars, because they have for many years now descended to a sad formula of crap music and far too many unattractive girls.

I was amazed at the emptiness of both the bars I went into. I was very nearly a lone customer in both. Okay, so it was early, about 9pm, but even so, the bars used to be heaving by that time in the old days. I get the same story from friends who go to Patpong on a regular basis, and also from a couple of the old-timers who work there.

Yet this is only the girlie bars. KC3, which of course is 100 percent ladyboy does good business. The al fresco music bars seem to do well too, given that they have proliferated in recent years and they always seem to attract a good crowd of tourists.

And tourists, I rather think, are the reason that Patpong just ain’t what it used to be.ladyboy

My own memories of Patpong go back to *COUGH!!*. There was no street market there at that time, and it really was a raunchy place. The street market brought the tourists. The tourists diluted the raunchy atmosphere. Patpong has been gradually changing over the years, and the advent of the music bars has given the street something of a carnival aura, rather than a dark place with dark doings going on behind dark doors.

In other words, it has become palatable for the fat-arsed self-righteous kind of Western woman who is prepared to be steered through the street by her hubby, as long as he has the blinkers on.

Compare this to Nana Plaza. Nana is still jumping with high-octane sex and sensuality. And along with having some hot girlie bars one of the most surprising things that has happened to Nana is the increase in the number of ladyboy bars. It used to be just Casanova, a decade or so ago, but there are now I believe six ladyboy bars there, and they all seem to do rock-solid business. Certainly, a very large number of ladyboys depend on these bars for an income.

As I have mentioned before on this site, many men who would have previously come to Bangkok looking for female company, now come looking for ladyboys. ladyboyTalking to a friend over the weekend, a fellow ladyboy lover, we wondered how the average Western woman would react if she found out her husband was indulging in ladyboy company.

We agreed that, yes, we had a pretty good idea of what would happen if hubby went off with a cute little genetic girl for the evening. But a ladyboy?

A Western wife would, we concluded, be lost for both words and emotions. A ladyboy does not represent a challenge. No one is going to divorce his wife and marry a ladyboy. Or get a ladyboy pregnant. Or flaunt a ladyboy as a mistress.

Would she accuse him of being gay? His reply: “Well, dear, you really should know the answer to that one.”

As always, the world of the ladyboy is a continual puzzle with no easy answers.

Girl talk

ladyboy cockTwo ladyboys decided to use my bedroom as a beauty salon one recent Saturday afternoon. I had just photographed one of them, who had spurted a very nice hot load, and rather than go off home she decided, along with the friend who had arrived with her, to have her hair curled.

She produced electric curling tongs from her bag. “I was going to do at home, you not mind I do here?” she asked.

I said no, please do go ahead and make yourselves comfortable. And so they did. I went back to my computer to edit her photo set, and to make her a CD of the respectable pictures as she had requested (”no ass, no cock, no!”), and with an idle ear I tuned in to the conversation of my two young friends.

It really was like listening to two girls. Fashion, pop stars, movie stars and boys. ladyboy They had forgotten I was there and so they were uninhibited. One thing that became apparent, however, was that they were far bitchier than genetic girls.

I don’t know to whom they were referring when they spoke about so-and-so having had such an ugly nose-and-chin job. But they made her sound like Mr Punch. I hope she doesn’t turn up for a photoshoot.

I also don’t know who they were speaking about when they described someone else as having a rear end problem after having been gang-banged by three Thai boys. Apparently she had not protested at the time, but next day found it necessary to visit a doctor and will not be physically able to do that again for a few weeks.

On and on went the conversation, and on and on went yours truly, earwigging with increasing glee.

“I see her get changed in bar, I watch take pants down she have very big cock.” ladyboy

“She have tattoo done on leg but go bad and have to go hospital.”

“She change her hair colour now red but want blond. I think look very bad.”

“Two persons they have to go police station because police catch them with crack.”

“I have friend in Udon, policeman try take her but she suck policeman cock and he let her go.”

I laughed at the last one, and they heard me. Hey, they said, you remember Yoko? Yoko she go Taipei, but just come back Bangkok. This week. She have breast operation now. You want see her again?

Yoko is one of my favourite girls, a real beauty and a thoroughly nice person. The pictures accompanying this blog entry are of Yoko. Pretty girl, yes?

The long shot

ladyboy cockIt is not always a forgone conclusion that a ladyboy is going to shoot a full load at the drop of a hat. The taking of hormones, maybe the room temperature set too low, very often the presence of a person standing over her with a camera (no matter how devilishly handsome he may be) are all going to have a detrimental effect. Which is why, very often, a considerable amount of the time taken for a photoshoot is spent by my waiting politely and quietly for a ladyboy to pull her willy for long enough to produce at least some result.

I say “quietly” because, of course, if I were to show any signs of impatience it could scupper the entire business. You know what it’s like…if someone is waiting for you to cum, then very often you can’t do it.

I had a prime example of this problem in for a photo session the other evening. This is a ladyboy I like very much, who has always managed to shoot a load on cue, and who has a very nice looking dick into the bargain. ladyboyThe session went well right up to the time when we were ready for the final sequence. Her cock was hard, and I hovered over her with the camera, looking forward to the fragrant white spurt.

She pulled and pulled and pulled. She stopped and stroked her balls. She put her finger into her bottom. Then she pulled again. She bit her lips and she rolled her eyes. She puffed and panted. She flopped her dick around and then started tugging at it again.

“Hormones,” she groaned at me. I was doubtful, as I wasn’t aware she was taking any. I think she just had one of those times when she couldn’t make it. Maybe the previous night, or even that afternoon, she had had a heavy session.

I looked down at her cock as she paused. It was very red from all the work it was having to do. Would you like to take a break? I asked. ladyboy“No, no, it’s okay, can cum. Cannot stop now.” I picked up the camera and retreated quietly to a point behind her right shoulder, so that I could see the stuff emerging. And I waited. She gasped in frustration. “Oh! Long time! I sorry!” Never mind, I replied. Would you like me to leave the room for a few minutes? I went into the kitchen to bring her a glass of water. When I got back she was leaning against the bedhead, a complacent look on her face, her eyes half shut, and a large white puddle on her tummy. Well, I said, I’m very glad you enjoyed that. Can I have some? She giggled. “I sorry but could not wait,” she replied.

I took my pictures of the lovely sticky stuff, and then dipped my finger in it and licked it. It tastes better hot, I commented. She giggled again. The little minx.

Bottom line

ladyboy cock Everyone has one, of course, but despite the uniformity of possession, they are not all the same. I am referring, of course, to bottoms.

Here he goes again, I can hear some of the older members of this site mutter. He has a fetish about bums, and can’t stop talking about them.

Well, that might well be correct. But I am fascinated by the difference in derrieres, and as I have seen more of them close up and intimate than most people, I do like to think that I am something of an expert.

These thoughts have been prompted by my photographing little Sprite a few weeks back. Sprite is tiny. In the set notes I say that she is five-two, but quite possibly she is only five foot high. There is not the slightest scrap of fat on her, and the only cushioning on her bum cheeks are the necessary muscles and other bits that allow her to walk and sit down.

As a consequence, the entry point of her bottom is almost on the same level as her bottom cheeks. ladyboy Run your hand over her arse (as I am sorry to say, I did many times) and you will feel the hole, and as she walks past you naked, you will see it winking at you. The fact that the opening is especially large makes this even more dramatic.

Sprite’s bottom is one of the most sexual I have ever seen. Many years ago I had a GG girlfriend whose rear had the same configuration, but I don’t often see this phenomenon. It is probably the most outstanding example of all the tiny bottoms I have seen.

For absolute classic rear ends, Cherie is probably the ultimate. The most beautiful bum I have seen on anyone, ladyboy or GG. Cherie is slight and slender, and her bum is perfectly symmetrical, with not a blemish on her pale skin, just enough plumpness to grip, and the sweetest little pink-tinged hole.

Honey has a hard little bottom, again no fat at all, ladyboy the skin a gorgeous honey colour, although my super-sensitive-bottom-connoisseur eyes detect a tiny patch of skin high up on the left cheek, near her hip, that is slightly off-colour. She has always had this little blemish, although it rarely shows up in photographs as the flash tends to obliterate it.

Nong has a scrumptious little rear, made all the more exciting by the enormous ball-bag you can see below it, and of course the giant willy you see when she turns around. It’s a pert little bottom, fitting perfectly into your hands, or so I am told, and her skin is flawless.

Schoolgirl O is another classic, and apart from the symmetry and skin colour and texture, one of the things that most intrigues me about her behind is that the entry point ladyboyopens so wide all of its own accord. It opens to form a perfect, well, O-shape. Interestingly, although it appears to be built for intercourse, when something big once attempted an entry, she let out a howl of pain and the thing had to be withdrawn. But let us not go into details there.

Whenever I am photographing a ladyboy who I have not met before, I have a feeling of breathless anticipation as she begins to slide her pants down to reveal her rear. Will it be a gorgeous little bottom, free of pimples and tattoos? Will it be smooth or hairy? Creamy or blotchy? Tight or wide open?

This is why so many of the photos show pants just slightly down, with the top of the cleft peeping over the elastic; and halfway down, with the cheeks partially revealed. Plus of course the full-throttle shots, with the lens right up the opening. The sequence is how I have first set my own eyes on the ladyboy’s delicious rear, and I’m sharing my own obsession. ladyboy

The odd thing is, that along with the delicious derrieres I also see so many ladyboy bottoms that are simply not interesting. These tend to be on the bigger type of ladyboy, who I seldom go much for personally anyway; but even so, I can’t explain why it is that one bottom can set me on fire while another leaves me unmoved. Each of the ladyboys I have just mentioned is of the small and natural type, very much to my own personal taste, so that must partly explain it. And speaking of taste, what can possibly taste better than a cute little ladyboy rear? Yum!

Yes, I am very lucky. I must have seen, touched and photographed well over a thousand ladyboy bottoms. For a man with a serious fetish, this is indeed heaven.

Do you cum here often?

ladyboy cock“You want me cum?” she asked, laying back on the bed. Standing over her with my camera, I nodded happily. Can you do, I asked her. She looked at her watch. It was coming up to 4.30 pm, and she had to be at her bar by 6. I know that some ladyboys can take ages to shoot a load (boy, don’t I know, you try leaning over someone with a camera for 15 minutes and see how you feel), and I also know that many don’t actually want to do it because they are saving themselves for an evening’s work.

But my young friend here had a very perky cock that had stood out stiff and straight as soon as it was exposed to my eager gaze, and which felt hot, full and heavy when I took it in my hand (I was only trying to place it in the most artistic position). I didn’t think she would have any difficulty.

Sure enough, she didn’t. Within 60 seconds of glancing at her watch, and seemingly without any effort at all, she was sending good, strong, white-hot spurts onto her tummy and her thick bush of pubic hair. ladyboyIt was a textbook example of how to cum to best effect for a photographer.

Thank you, I said.

“You like? I can come back see you soon. Up to you.”

I took her mobile number, and indeed we will be replaying this scene very soon, only this time without a camera.

My young friend is just 19, the kind of age where you can cum just by thinking about it, and several times a night is not only easy, it is almost necessary. She is quite tall, about five-eight, and has a well-built body that, had she remained a male, would I think have been strong and athletic.

Sometimes, as in this case, I get to thinking that many ladyboys are a serious loss to Thailand’s distaff population. Time after time I see a physically beautiful ladyboy who has a good, strong cock, and who if her life had run to a more conventional pattern, ladyboywould have made an excellent sexual partner for a genetic girl.

It is not just the body structure, of course: the size and shape and appetite of the dick is so important. My young friend has one that is full and plump and firm, ideal for pushing its way into a waiting young girl. Other cocks come to mind that were so beautifully engineered for the job they were designed to do that it seemed almost (!) a waste that they had been put onto a ladyboy.

But so be it. The girls’ loss is our gain. It is through ladyboys that I have come to appreciate the beauty of the penis. Without ladyboys, I would never have realised. The emails I get from all over the world tell me that I am far from being alone in this.