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ladyboy cock Everyone has one, of course, but despite the uniformity of possession, they are not all the same. I am referring, of course, to bottoms.

Here he goes again, I can hear some of the older members of this site mutter. He has a fetish about bums, and can’t stop talking about them.

Well, that might well be correct. But I am fascinated by the difference in derrieres, and as I have seen more of them close up and intimate than most people, I do like to think that I am something of an expert.

These thoughts have been prompted by my photographing little Sprite a few weeks back. Sprite is tiny. In the set notes I say that she is five-two, but quite possibly she is only five foot high. There is not the slightest scrap of fat on her, and the only cushioning on her bum cheeks are the necessary muscles and other bits that allow her to walk and sit down.

As a consequence, the entry point of her bottom is almost on the same level as her bottom cheeks. ladyboy Run your hand over her arse (as I am sorry to say, I did many times) and you will feel the hole, and as she walks past you naked, you will see it winking at you. The fact that the opening is especially large makes this even more dramatic.

Sprite’s bottom is one of the most sexual I have ever seen. Many years ago I had a GG girlfriend whose rear had the same configuration, but I don’t often see this phenomenon. It is probably the most outstanding example of all the tiny bottoms I have seen.

For absolute classic rear ends, Cherie is probably the ultimate. The most beautiful bum I have seen on anyone, ladyboy or GG. Cherie is slight and slender, and her bum is perfectly symmetrical, with not a blemish on her pale skin, just enough plumpness to grip, and the sweetest little pink-tinged hole.

Honey has a hard little bottom, again no fat at all, ladyboy the skin a gorgeous honey colour, although my super-sensitive-bottom-connoisseur eyes detect a tiny patch of skin high up on the left cheek, near her hip, that is slightly off-colour. She has always had this little blemish, although it rarely shows up in photographs as the flash tends to obliterate it.

Nong has a scrumptious little rear, made all the more exciting by the enormous ball-bag you can see below it, and of course the giant willy you see when she turns around. It’s a pert little bottom, fitting perfectly into your hands, or so I am told, and her skin is flawless.

Schoolgirl O is another classic, and apart from the symmetry and skin colour and texture, one of the things that most intrigues me about her behind is that the entry point ladyboyopens so wide all of its own accord. It opens to form a perfect, well, O-shape. Interestingly, although it appears to be built for intercourse, when something big once attempted an entry, she let out a howl of pain and the thing had to be withdrawn. But let us not go into details there.

Whenever I am photographing a ladyboy who I have not met before, I have a feeling of breathless anticipation as she begins to slide her pants down to reveal her rear. Will it be a gorgeous little bottom, free of pimples and tattoos? Will it be smooth or hairy? Creamy or blotchy? Tight or wide open?

This is why so many of the photos show pants just slightly down, with the top of the cleft peeping over the elastic; and halfway down, with the cheeks partially revealed. Plus of course the full-throttle shots, with the lens right up the opening. The sequence is how I have first set my own eyes on the ladyboy’s delicious rear, and I’m sharing my own obsession. ladyboy

The odd thing is, that along with the delicious derrieres I also see so many ladyboy bottoms that are simply not interesting. These tend to be on the bigger type of ladyboy, who I seldom go much for personally anyway; but even so, I can’t explain why it is that one bottom can set me on fire while another leaves me unmoved. Each of the ladyboys I have just mentioned is of the small and natural type, very much to my own personal taste, so that must partly explain it. And speaking of taste, what can possibly taste better than a cute little ladyboy rear? Yum!

Yes, I am very lucky. I must have seen, touched and photographed well over a thousand ladyboy bottoms. For a man with a serious fetish, this is indeed heaven.


Comment from Bob the Nob
Time October 29, 2014 at 9:25 am

Why is it that the sight of a ladyboy arse has me panting when the very thought of a bloke’s arse makes me want to puke? These girls are luvvly, captain. They certainly aint male.

Comment from willy wanker
Time October 29, 2014 at 9:38 pm

is it just me or does anyone else find a ladyboy bum to be more exciting than a gg pussy? am i a total perv?

Comment from GayAnalWhore
Time April 24, 2015 at 1:17 am

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