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Ladyboys Talisha and Jessica

There is a model named Bang whose photoset I posted on the main site a couple of weeks ago. She is no beauty, if I may be ungentlemanly enough to say so, but she radiates an animal sexuality that stirs up troubling thoughts if you happen to be a natural top.

Bang is big, about six foot tall, and she has an enormous cock. When she first took off her pants it swung out and then stood out stiff and straight without the need for any encouragement at all. She is undeniably masculine in appearance, yet she has a femininity that sends out confusing signals.

The feelings she arouses are therefore conflicting ones. I suspect (I have no carnal knowledge of her) that a session in the sack might end up with a naturally top person being ravished: ravished by a six-foot ladyboy with the build of a wrestler, a cock like a full hosepipe, and a face like a tigress.

Sometimes you can’t control these situations, and Bang seems to be the kind of lady who doesn’t take no for an answer. If she happens to be bigger and stronger than you, you could without it having been planned that way end up bottom.

Where does that put our top person in terms of sexuality?

Reading the demented ramblings of Sargeant Shameless a little earlier on this blog gives some clue. He had spent a night with two spectacularly endowed ladyboys, during which he had been subjected to a close-up view of his pillow for much of the time, and had survived the ordeal with most of his pride attached. I’m not so sure about the rest of him. I know the Sargeant personally, and he is a very masculine kind of man. Yet he had no shame (well, he wouldn’t really, would he) about playing the bottom role.

The same goes for an Australian building contractor of my acquaintance, a rough diamond if ever there was one, but who is not too embarrassed to admit, after a couple of stubbies, that his ultimate excitement is to take it from a big-cocked ladyboy. “It’s only sex, mate,” he says. “Mind you, I can’t talk about this at home.”

This I think is partly the reason that so many guys feel guilty about going bottom: they can’t talk about it. They turn the possibility over in their minds, decide that it’s going just a bit too far in the wrong direction, and cry off. Yet if you can talk about these things, even anonymously, it helps to sort things out in your mind.

So if you do happen to find yourself prone under a large ladyboy, then I would suggest that far from being guilty about it, you should try it again as soon as you can. And also send your experience in to me, and I’ll be happy to post it here.