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Better than girls

ladyboy cockNoi, who is pictured here, is from Vientiane in Laos, one of my favourite towns in Asia. She came to Bangkok to earn some money, and is working in Nana. When I photograph a girl as gobsmackingly gorgeous as Noi, I always think to myself that in a straight comparison between ladyboys and genetic girls, the genetic girls often don’t stand a chance.

Noi has all the aura of a female, and if you saw her in the street you would assume she was a girl. She is slightly built with a firm body, yet has the softening and cushioning of the skin that hormones induce. Her skin is almost completely blemish-free, and is soft and hairless. Her bottom is one of the most beautiful I have seen this year, being soft, smooth and creamy in texture.

Her cock is firm and has a cute little curve to one side. Despite the hormones it sprung into action immediately, and a glistening little dewdrop appeared on the end. It took her a while to cum, but she is a horny little minx. The kind of overt sexuality that sends hot shivers up and down your spine, and elsewhere. “You suck my cock now, and I cum very quick, sure.” Yes, well, we have all heard that one before, haven’t we. She got there in the end. What a lovely mess she made.

I had just returned from an overseas trip when I shot her pictures, and had been starved of ladyboy company for ten days. At that moment, if someone had put Noi in front of me together with an identical female Noi, I would without hesitation have chosen the ladyboy Noi. And that is from someone who has no problems whatsoever with women.

Of course, this is not the first time I have given thought to this, and have mentioned it before on this site. It is just that every now and again I find a ladyboy who is so utterly gorgeous, that I realise GGs so often trail a poor second.

I was talking over the weekend to a friend, and he casually mentioned his new girlfriend. “Female?” I asked, knowing his liking for ladyboys.

“No,” he replied. “Ladyboy. GGs just don’t do it for me anymore. I’ve finished with them.” ladyboy cockI have a couple of other friends who say more or less the same. And the theme of any conversation with them is, that they have no interest in the gay scene or in males: it is only the ladyboys.

As for myself, even after all this time, I find ladyboys to be a continuous adventure. Many of them I photograph are brought to me, sight unseen, and I often never know quite who is going to walk through the door. On occasions I am disappointed. On other occasions, I am unmoved. But the Nois of this world, the Annabelles, the Pinkies, the Yings – all recent discoveries – leave me almost breathless with excitement. The same sort of feeling I had when I was a teenager. In those days, girls were almost untouchable. But ladyboys…well, they come looking for you.