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Double trouble

ladyboy Bea and sister May


Not that many years ago you seldom found more than one ladyboy in the family, but with far more youngsters now taking the ladyboy route than ever before, I am finding more and more cases of ladyboy siblings. It seems that when an elder child becomes a ladyboy, the younger ones become entranced by the transformation, and decide to follow the same path. I have known families with three ladyboys, which is still a bit exceptional, but two are far from uncommon.

The other evening Bea and her “sister” May came round, and I got talking to them about why they both chose to become ladyboys. Bea is the eldest by 18 months, and she said that right from early adolescence she knew she wanted to become a ladyboy.

The family lives in Chiang Mai and is Chinese. Not too traditionally Chinese, she said, as they tended to be less conservative than Chinese families usually are.



And in Chiang Mai there is a huge population of ladyboys, many of them making a living in the cabarets that thrive in the Northern capital, and others working in theatre, the media and in the department stores, beauty salons and hotels. So ladyboys are not a rarity there.

Bea’s decision to become a ladyboy made perfect sense to her. She told me she felt comfortable with the ladyboy lifestyle. When she was younger, she had never had any real interest in girls, and once she started taking female hormones she said she felt natural as a girl herself.

May said she followed Bea’s development as a ladyboy with interest. When Bea was a boy, said May, she had done all the usual boyish things like climbing trees and getting into scrapes. But when Bea started to put on makeup and dress as a girl, May said that the transformation was an incredible one.

Suddenly, Bea had gone from being an ordinary brother into a hot little girl who drew looks and admiration from everyone, and who suddenly was the centre of attention in any gathering. May said that Bea became a different person. Being admired and lusted after did wonders for her self-assurance, and although Bea was still at school she was able to earn pocket money doing jobs that girls normally do, such as working part-time in the local beauty salon and waitressing.

May had always felt attracted to boys, and she tried putting on some of Bea’s clothing and sharing her makeup. Suddenly, from being the kid brother, she too was the centre of attraction. Once she started taking female hormones, encouraged by Bea, there was no turning back.

Both Bea and May are small in stature, and have the lovely pale skin that so many Chinese Thais have. On a more intimate level, they both have the most beautiful sexy bottoms. The dick shape is different. Bea has a long, thin one, while May’s is thicker and fuller. Both cum only in small amounts, although they tell me that was the case even before they started taking hormones.

There won’t be any more ladyboys coming from this family, as the only sibling left is a sister. I asked Bea and May what their sister thought about having two ladyboy “sisters”.

“No problem!” they both said. “We share each others’ clothes!”