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Shop until you droop

Ladyboy Yoyo  from captain outrageous.
One thing I really enjoy doing is going shopping for lingerie and sexy clothing for the models. Now, you really need to have a thick skin for this.

Although I am perfectly content browsing through the underwear section of my local department store, looking for tights, stockings, panties and nighties, from time to time I look up and realise that one or two of the store girls are gazing at me with some amusement.

I know I don’t look like the conventional husband buying sexy stuff for his wife: that kind of buyer tends to be in and out the underwear department as quickly as he can, and in a state of some embarrassment. Whereas I spend a long time browsing, in deep concentration, as I weigh up the possibilities of certain colours (the wrong colour can play havoc with skin tones – avoid orange, for a start) and see-through qualities. I go through all the racks, and the discount bins, and whatever else takes my fancy, and end up with a pile of goodies. I’m not sure what the staff think of me.

I also go to the tiny little shops in Patpong that sell stuff to the go-go dancers and bar girls. You can get some really sexy clothing there, and cheaply too, although of course as a farang I get hit up for prices far higher than the girls pay. Never mind – it’s like being let loose in a sweet shop. Again, I spend ages in the shops.

My least favourite kind of shop however is those that specialise in sex toys. There aren’t any in Thailand – they simply aren’t allowed, oddly enough. So whenever I’m in London I go to one of the well-known shops and buy a few things, but not only are they ferociously expensive they are also completely unsexy.

I browse through the racks of leatherwear and whips and costumes and dildos, and I don’t feel even a twinge. It all leaves me completely unmoved. I buy what I think will look good, then make my way home again. Sometimes it photographs well, other times I try it once then leave it at the back of the wardrobe.


ladyboy ton
A couple of weeks ago I was in Pattaya, and I hired a jeep. Anyone who has been to this oceanside city will know exactly what I mean by “jeep”. These are locally fabricated bodies mounted on a pickup chassis, and with their overblown design and size plus their garish paintwork they look like a jeep on steroids.

Personally, I don’t much like these things. Apart from looking like Hell on wheels, they drive badly. They are sloppy to handle, and I don’t have much confidence in the maintenance work they receive. I remember once putting my foot on the brake as we approached a traffic light, and the driver’s seat shot backwards and nearly had me flat on my back.

But they do photograph well. Especially with a ladyboy in the frame. And I wanted to take young Suzie from Hi! Boss bar out for a spin and some photo taking in the countryside: you can find plenty of greenery and little lanes just outside the city limits.

So off we went, and I eventually found a field where I could park the jeep under some trees and get busy with the camera. I photographed her in the jeep, with her pants down, and in various poses. Then I wanted her to jack off. And she needed no encouragement by this time: I had been having trouble stopping her until I was ready for that sequence.

So she sprawled back in the driver’s seat and began. She has a good, big, thick dick, even though she is not an especially big girl. I got busy with the camera. She began to approach the magic moment.

Then I heard voices. I looked along the little path that ran between the trees, and there were two farm workers approaching. Now, although this is Thailand, there are some things you don’t do in public, and one of them is sit in your car wanking off.

I looked at Suzie, and just at that moment she shot a huge load. So much in fact that it spurted right over her face.

She managed to flip her skirt over her hot sticky dick and compose herself just in time, as the two workers passed the jeep with a cheery “sawadee kap!”

“Sawadee ka!” she replied.

It was only when the two workers were out of earshot that I pointed out to Suzie that she still had cum all over her hair and dripping off her chin.

Cum the hour

Dai from captain outrageous.

Those of you who have been following my photosets for some time know that I like to finish with the ladyboy model spurting cum over herself, something that I personally find intensely exciting to watch and judging by the emails I get, so do many others.

Now, you may feel that a ladyboy ejaculating to order is a simple enough business. I demur. Believe me, I demur.

First of all, let’s take the obvious point that many ladyboys take female hormones. Over time, these have a beautifying effect, making skin smoother and glossier, pumping up bosoms and bottoms, and making the figure softer and more feminine.

But the hormones also have a deadly effect on the dick, making it slower to rise to the occasion and shoot a load. Semen, when it comes from a young ladyboy with no or minimal hormone intake, is a very fine sight: hot, white and plentiful. It also tastes delicious, having a creamy, nutty, salty, slightly acrid flavour that slips down a treat.

As the hormones exert their pull, not only does the quantity ease up but the whiteness begins to disappear. Instead, there is a colourless liquid that looks and tastes somewhat like the white of a raw egg. It is better than nothing, but not very exciting.

Eventually, after several years of solid hormone taking, the semen will cease to be there, and the ladyboy’s penis will have shrivelled to such a degree that she is scarcely aware of it. At this stage, it is not surprising that so many ladyboys have a sex-change operation. Not only have they become so female that they believe the penis to be an abnormality, they no longer have a use for it.

But back to a conventional set-up, with a ladyboy still raring to go.

Most of the models I photograph I am meeting for the first time. Most of them are nervous, not having met me before, and aware that a camera can strip away their artiface and reveal whatever imperfections they have, or think they have. A photoshoot lasts less than an hour. I usually work in the afternoon, and the weather is hot. The big studio lights I use tend to take away any feeling of intimacy.

She lays on her back, or sits in a chair, pulling away with someone standing over her with a camera. Well, how would you feel?

A bit of encouragement is often needed, and I am happy to help out. Usually, as most of my models are young and not too far gone with the hormones, we get there. A hot spurt is immensely satisfying, not just for the ladyboy, but for me also: and spare a thought for poor old me, hunched over the model with my camera, waiting to try and catch the elusive moment when she lets fly. Believe me, semen shoots fast: even when I take a video and play back the moment of orgasm, one flicker and it is gone.

Afterwards of course, if the result is plentiful, it is a pleasure to linger over the whole sticky mess, and to photograph the penis slowly returning to normal size.