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Archive for January, 2010

Fighting shy

One evening during the week I was taking some photographs of a ladyboy friend. We had just started. She was wearing shorts and I realised that underneath she was wearing two pairs of knickers. One pair was the usual small bikini briefs and the other a thicker, outer pair rather like cycling shorts. Ladyboys often do this. The heavy pair helps to hide unladylike bumps and bulges, and also adds to the fullness in appearance of the hips and bum. Anyway, I asked my girl if she would take off the heavy pair and then put her shorts back on.

Modestly, she retired into the bathroom to do this. I had to have a quiet laugh to myself. Not only was I about to take my lens to her bare bottom and then photograph her wanking off, I already knew her very closely indeed, as we had spent a few evenings together and I knew exactly how she looked and tasted. Yet she was diving into the bathroom to remove an outer pair of knickers.

Ladyboys can actually be extremely shy. They may not appear so if you are meeting one in a bar or on the street, but get them into a one-on-one situation, and they can almost faint away out of embarrassment.

I remember taking a video of a ladyboy once. There was one other person in the room with us, namely my assistant Ek, who is a femboy. The girl I was trying to video had a good big cock and I wanted to get some shots of it standing up. But she kept putting her hands in front of it, because Ek was looking. This is a video, I pointed out. I need your hands right out of the way. I may as well have been talking to myself. I had to send Ek out of the room.

Then again, if I have two ladyboys round to photograph during the course of an afternoon, I usually have to send one right out of the room and downstairs to the cafeteria, because the other one will be afraid of being seen. I explain that I shall shut the bedroom door while the pictures are being taken. But the bathroom has a door to the bedroom, and the girl being photographed will get paranoid that her friend will come out of the wrong door if she uses the loo. So, out she goes.

I think this shyness is often because ladyboys can be extremely bitchy. If you have ever heard them talking amongst themselves about another ladyboy, you will realise they can be far more catty than genetic girls. So they get shy about the size of their dick, because it will become a big joke amongst their friends, whether it be big or small. They get shy about skin blemishes, particularly on their bottoms. I was taking a set of pictures last week, and the girl put her hand across her bum when she took her pants down.

What’s up, I asked. “Have black,” she said. Gently, I removed her hand, expecting to find the black markings you sometimes find with dark-skinned people. It’s usually around the area where the bottom cheeks meet the tops of the thighs. But I looked, and told her that her bum looked fine. Very nice indeed. I took a few pictures and she studied them, frowning. “Yes, look nice,” she said at last, and gave a beaming smile. Then she relaxed. So I made someone happy that evening.

Hard Times

captain outrageous, ladyboy anna


Miss Hardcock lay on the bed next to me. I had given her the nickname because she looked just like a teenage Thai girl. Oh, I nearly forget to mention the other reason, which is that she had a cock that never seemed to subside.

She would arrive at my place, and we would go straight into the bedroom. She usually wore a little dress, and I would lift the hem and slowly pull down her knickers. Her cock would be tucked back between her legs but, seeing the light of day (or evening, to be precise), it would struggle to burst free, emerging as a huge banana shape that rose up to touch her belly.

And like that it would stay. No matter what we did. She would shoot a great big hot sticky load and then lay down, and her dick would still be curving back towards her belly button. Eventually it would soften up a little but I only had to look at the thing and it would stir with fresh interest.

Miss Hardcock came from the province of Khon Kaen, in Issan. She was tiny, about five-four, and there was something slightly Khmer about her, as she had the darker skin that you often find amongst those of Cambodian extraction. The border is not that far away.

But what I really liked about her, apart from the obvious, was her face. She had the face of a little tigress: narrow slanted eyes, a watchful expression, and the demeanor of someone with a whole lot of pent-up energy. Which of course she had in abundance.

She was laying there next to me. She had a particularly cute little bottom, brown-skinned and flawless, and I had just been up it with considerable energy.

“You like?”, she had asked breathlessly, as I had been deep inside her. “You like my bottom?”

The fact was, I loved her bottom. When she lay on her tummy, smiling at me over her shoulder, she looked just like a teenage girl. The kind of girl you fantasise about: brown-skinned, small, slight, and with an utterly lascivious expression. When she turned over and lay on her back, she still looked like a teenage girl. Except for one thing, of course.

Now she lay on her back, her enormous dick yet to shoot its first load of the evening, hard and shining and twitching slightly. She rolled onto her side, and gave me her tigress smile. Reaching for the lubricant, she smeared a great handful over her cock so that it glistened.

“Now your turn,” she said, and got onto her knees, still smiling.

The dilemma

An American friend of mine has recently taken an apartment in Bangkok and aims to spend a few months of the year here. He has installed his ladyboy companion in the place to take care of it while he isn’t there. He contacted me the other day in a state of some agitation to say that she had been seen in one of the red-light areas looking for business. What should he do? Should he turn up unexpectedly with the idea of catching her out?

I said that, no, he shouldn’t do that because it would probably wreck the relationship. The best thing would be, on the next visit, to let his girl know that he knew. Do it indirectly, and be nice and understanding about it.

The thing is, that a teenage ladyboy is going to want to enjoy herself. She is probably just coming to terms with how attractive she is, and finding that she can seduce men. And if that means foreign men, then that means money. The ladyboy in question, like the majority of them, comes from a dirt-poor background. The usual thing…little village in Issan, father disappeared, mother scraping by. Making money from tourists to send back home, and with a bit of luck earn enough to buy a decent house and maybe later set up in a small business is what drives so many youngsters to become ladyboys in the first place.

As my friend said that he was not keeping the ladyboy, only giving her accommodation and a little money, the latter usually when he was in town, then I really felt he hadn’t a leg to stand on.

But I also told him that she was probably being extremely loyal to him. She would consider she was keeping her side of the bargain, and if she thought that she was upsetting him, she would be mortified. The thing is, that Thais are extremely loyal, particularly when money is involved. I don’t mean that in an overly cynical way: it comes from years of personal experience in the front line. They are able to compartmentalise their lives. Even now, there are Thai people that I know really well, and suddenly something will occur and I’ll realise that I knew only a fragment of their life. The side that they wanted me to see. Everything else was a mystery.

One more thing I told my friend: don’t be confrontational. It is part of the Western manner to tackle problems and arguments head on. But it is simply not like that in Thailand. Thais hate disputes, and will generally go to any length to avoid them. Confront a ladyboy with accusations of infidelity, and you have one seriously damaged relationship. Even if it is true.

Agent provocateur


I was in a taxi heading for home at about 6pm on Friday evening. Friday is the worst day in Bangkok for traffic, and in addition it had been raining. Sukhumvit Road was locked solid in both directions.

The taxi inched forward, and as we approached Nana Plaza a vision came up behind us on the pavement, heading on foot in the same direction, and easily overtaking us.

It was a girl wearing a backless dress, the backlessness so extreme that you could see the top half of her bare bottom.

“Look at that!” I gasped at the taxi driver, who had been peering moodily through his rain-spattered windscreen. Indeed, the entire traffic queue was looking at that, because I saw heads craning in the cars in front and to the side of us.

The driver gave a short laugh. “Kathoey!” he said.

And of course, yes, it was. Only a ladyboy would venture out in public like that. A genetic girl, not even the most shameless of Nana Plaza’s floozies, would ever walk along Bangkok’s main thoroughfare with her bare bum hanging out of her dress.

I have spoken on this site before about ladyboy dress sense, and it is something that never ceases to leave me astounded.

Time and time again I get ladyboys turning up for a photoshoot in outfits that would have them arrested anywhere else. Bra-less, with breasts poking out of skimpy t-shirts or see-through blouses; tiny little shorts with bottom cheeks hanging out underneath; skirts so short that you can see bulging knickers beneath the hem; and costumes so breathtakingly theatrical they would make anything from the Crazy Horse look tame.

Given that this is a residential complex, with families and kids around, I tell my scouts time and time again to warn the models not to turn up in something provocative, but to bring some sexy clothing with them. But of course, I might as well be talking to myself.

The thing with a ladyboy is, that she is essentially signalling she is instantly available. This is why she lets everything hang out. Instant availability is what gives sex with a ladyboy such an explosive quality, and as so many of us like our girls (GGs or ladyboys) to act slutty, the provocative clothing can be a real turn-on.

But only indoors. Not out in the street. Boy oh boy, can it get embarrassing sometimes.