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Archive for September, 2010

Return of the native

captain outrageous, ladyboy meuw

A member emailed me during the week to say that he had recently been in Thailand and had his first experience with a ladyboy. That had led on to several more experiences during his visit, and now he was back home in the United States and missing ladyboys so much that he was going cold turkey.

He said that visiting the local mall had shocked him, because he suddenly realised how big, loud and unattractive the women were. No longer in any kind of relationship, he says he now has no enthusiasm at all for finding a local girl. At the same time, he had found the prospect of the local gay community repugnant to him. He simply was not interested in men.

He said that, at the age of 65, he no longer knows what to do. He has found a sexual fulfilment with ladyboys that he had not felt for many, many years. They had made him feel youthful again, they had reawakened instincts that he had almost forgotten he had. What on earth was he to do, he asked me. Should he move to Thailand full time?

This is a position in which many people find themselves. The sexual explosion that typifies an encounter with a ladyboy  has an intensity  that  takes us right  back to the times when sexual experience was new.  Consequently, it is addictive.

Then there is the beauty of the ladyboy. Small build, fine skin, polite manners, natural charm. There is the vulnerability, which arouses our protective instincts. And there is the fact that ladyboys will do all they can to please you, because they want to prove that they are better than genetic girls.captain outrageous, ladyboy meuw

There is of course no easy answer. Yes, if you can afford to leave your own country and move here, go for it. Alternatively, spend several months here during the course of the year. Or even several weeks. It would be expensive, certainly, but it all depends on what you want to do with your life, and what your present circumstances are.

I tell you: if Thailand was to suddenly start exporting its ladyboys en masse, the women of the US and Europe would find themselves with a major problem.

The real thing

captain outrageous, ladyboy ooy

An old friend of mine is in town right now. I caught up with him for a coffee at his hotel yesterday. This is a man who from youth has been one of the most prolific cocksmen I have known.  And as he travels frequently throughout North and South America, and in Europe and Asia, he gets the opportunity to do what he likes with as many women as he can handle.

He also likes ladyboys, and when we met up he had a confession. On the first night he arrived in town, he said, he had gone straight to a ladyboy bar, taken a ladyboy back to his hotel, and had, as he put it, “the most gorgeous sex with this most gorgeous ladyboy.”

The next night, he had decided on a genetic girl. He found a very attractive one, but although she was more than willing to go on as long as he liked, he said that he ploughed miserably through the business and then couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

“The fact is,” he told me, dropping his voice as the waitress bustled around with more coffee, “these days I would much rather have a ladyboy than a GG. Girls just don’t do it for me anymore. But a ladyboy…that’s the most erotic, mind-blowing sex. I can’t exist without them.”
captain outrageous, ladyboy ooy

He went on to tell me how on his visits to New York  he has seen the transsexual escort services  increase hugely in the number of  girls available, and in France too, where they appear even more popular than in New York. How in Argentina there are now transvestis brothels where you sit and a number of the girls line up for you to take your pick.

“The world is changing,” he said. “If I was a GG, I would be worried.”

Down on the farm

captain outrageous, ladyboy janny

A lady friend (yes,  a real one!) who hails from Buri Ram was telling me at the weekend how youngsters in her home province are becoming drawn into the ladyboy lifestyle. She says she knows of nippers of six or seven years old who are trying on girls’ clothing, and of those a couple of years older who are putting on makeup and wiggling around like proper little madames. By the time they are in their teens they are already veterans.

Why, why, why, I asked, repeating the question I have posed countless times. Why are so many Thai youngsters so eager to change their sex?

My friend pulled a face. “I don’t know,” she said.

Is it something in the water supply? A genetic fault running through the Thai nation? The Thai equivalent to becoming a footballer or rock star, and leaving your impoverished background behind you? 

What happens to them when they leave school, I asked. Do they come to Bangkok and attempt to work in the cabaret or the bars? For it has to be born in mind that Buri Ram, which is in the northeast and adjoining the Cambodia border, is one of the most impoverished provinces in Thailand.

“No,” she said. “A lot of them stay in Buri Ram. Get jobs as waitress or in beauty salon or department store. Many want man to look after them.”

I thought that one over. Buri Ram is an agricultural province, a region where the living is sometimes hard, and although you can never quantify these things I would not have thought it an obvious place to have a large gay population. The people there are of course mainly Thai but there is a significant population of Khmer descent, and a lot of mixed blood. In fact my friend herself is part Khmer. Not the kind of people you would imagine who are given to liberal viewpoints or decadent ways of living. This is country where every able pair of hands is needed, and where the male side of the family is regarded very much in the traditional peasant way.

So why are all these husky young farmhands and potential farmhands giving up their very traditional way of life to start putting on makeup and sashaying around in their sisters’ dresses long before they have even reached puberty?
captain outrageous, ladyboy janny

“No work in Buri Ram,” said my friend. “Only hard work on farm, or easy work in restaurant or beauty salon. Young boy not want to be like father, work hard, drink too much, fight, never have any money. So become ladyboy instead.”

We in the West are familiar with teenage rebellion. In the East it is far less common. But although we grew our hair long in the 60s, and dressed in odd ways, and tried in as many ways as we could to upset our parents and the established order, we never did get around to changing our sex. In Thailand, it is a rebellion. You can even compare it to the rise of the Red Shirt movement. A rebellion against the established order. But what a strange one it is.

Coming attractions

captain outrageous, ladyboy ann

I was standing over a ladyboy yesterday afternoon, with my camera, watching her have  a really good, hard wank.  Try as she might, she couldn’t quite get there. 

“Oh! Cannot cum! But I want!”

She lay back and massaged her dick, which had become red and no doubt numb from all the pulling and yanking. I offered to give her a little remedial help (I’m kind and thoughtful in that way) and got down on my knees. Her dick, which had become floppy, immediately came up hard. She thrust her hips and suddenly I was savouring a mouthful of warm, nutty, salty cream.

Well, that was very nice, I said. But what about my photos?

She giggled. “If you can wait I can do one more time.”

So I went to make some tea for myself and poured a glass of water for my non-tea-drinking friend.

“You very nice man,” she said. I had to agree. “You have lady?” I had to admit I had a few. “You want me to come see you again? I can if you want.” 

I said sure, and got her to write down her mobile number. We carried on chatting for an hour or so, and then, looking at the clock, I asked if she was ready for another wank. The slang phrase in Thai is “chuk wow”, which actually means to fly a kite. Thai slang is very colourful.

“Yes, I ready now.”

So off we went again, and she pulled and grimaced and gritted her teeth, then stopped. 

“Touch me here,” she said, running a finger over her balls. I did as I was directed, and she pulled again.captain outrageous, ladyboy ann

“Oh, I sorry, I very slow!”

What can I do now, I asked her.

“Kiss me here.”

And she drew up her knees and indicated her cute little bum hole. I got back on my knees and applied my tongue to the neat little opening, making sure that I had a firm grip on my camera and keeping my finger on the shutter release so that the battery-saving timer didn’t power down.

“Oh! Now!” came a wail from somewhere above me, and I leapt to my feet and, with the camera still in shoot mode, I flashed off a series of pictures that caught the spurt beautifully.

That was hard work, wasn’t it, I said, as she lay back with a complacent expression on her face. I think you should pay me, instead of me pay you. 

“Maybe I charge you extra,” she said. “For give you good time.” Then she giggled. “I joking you!”

She was a nice girl. But do you see what a difficult job I have to do? 

Taking the saffron

captain outrageous, ladyboy dawan

A ladyboy friend whose bottom and cock I have been intimately acquainted with for several years called me during the week to say that she was back in her home province of Surin, near the Cambodia border, and would be away for at least a couple of months.

I was surprised she would be away so long, as she has a responsible job as a hairdresser at a beauty salon, but when I asked her what she was doing, all she would say was that she had to spend time with her family. So I didn’t think too much more about it until Sunday, when a friend of hers turned up to see me. Why is Dawan away for so long, I asked her.

“She go be monk!” 

Of course. Now I understood. All young Thai males enter the monkhood for a short period, and many of them do so during the rainy season, when they spend two or three months in the monastery. It is known as the Rains Retreat, and it’s one of Thailand’s most charming customs. The monks and novices stay within the temples rather than roaming the countryside, and the villagers and townsfolk ensure that food and other supplies are delivered to them. This is also the reason for the famous Candle Festival: huge candles are made at this time to ensure the temples have enough light during the three-month period, a time when the days are frequently dark with rain clouds.

My young friend, who is 22, had been persuaded by her parents that she should spend at least two months in the local monastery, for it is also a merit-making time for families.

“She have hair cut off!” said my visitor, and I realised why Dawan had been so shy about telling me what she was doing. She had had her hair and eyebrows shaved off, and was no longer the cute little ladyboy I knew, but instead she was a monk, dressed in saffron robes and with no real identity of her own. She had not wanted me to think of her in this way, preferring that I retained the ladyboy image.

I had to smile at this. She is actually quite boyish, having a trim body that manages without any surgical alteration or hormone ingestion to be both masculine and feminine at the same time. She has an awesomely sweet little bottom, a perfect shape, that I plough into on a regular basis. Her cute little dick is one of those that swerves to the side, and which delivers on cue a hot little spurt that goes down a treat. But I can visualise her as a boy, just about, and I would think she will integrate with temple life without too much of a problem.
captain outrageous, ladyboy dawan

How would I react if I saw her as a monk? I don’t know, but the removal of hair and eyebrows does nothing flattering to your appearance, and if I saw her by chance in the street in that guise, I quite probably wouldn’t recognise her.

Another thought occurred to me. She is going to be completely chaste for at least the next two months. Abbots are very aware of the temptations that are felt by sex-starved young men, and they take care to monitor the sleeping arrangements in the dormitories. So even if any of the other monks and novices do realise that in her normal life she is a very cute little ladyboy who loves to act the slut, they are not going to be able to do anything about it.

Yet another thought… so chaste and so sacrosanct are Buddhist monks, that they cannot be touched by a woman or even sit next to a woman. So how does this square with my little friend Dawan, usually so feminine in appearance, thought and deed? I shall wait with great interest for November and her return to Bangkok.