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Straight shooter

captain outrageous, ladyboy jeuw

She was one of the most gorgeous ladyboys I had ever seen. About five-four in height, and gobsmackingly delicious to look at. She was working at a bar in Pattaya. I took her out, and we became regular lovers, because she would often go home to her province of Pitsanulok, in the north, and would stop over at my place for a couple of nights on her way back to Pattaya.

She had the light skin of the northern part of Thailand, and her neat little body was extraordinarily supple. She had a stiff little dick and a smooth hairless bottom, and when she knelt over my face to apply her rosebud lips somewhere way down below, her derrier formed a perfect heart shape in front of my eyes.

Although her dick wasn’t especially big, she was an expert at projectile orgasms. The first time she ever did this, she lay on her back, nudged me in the ribs, and said: “Watch this.” Then with a quick hand she brought herself off, pausing for maybe two seconds and giving her dick a squeeze, and a fountain of white-hot cum shot about three feet in the air. Then she snuggled up against me with a giggle.

I became obsessed with this. I got her to stand at the edge of a table so that I could measure the spurt, and I also got her to stand over a large mirror that I placed on the floor. I got her to jack off into a glass, and I got her to give a cotton hanky a good soaking so that I could see how long the fragrance lasted (not that long, I have to record). I got her to stand above me and see how much of me she could cover, and she spattered hot cum all over my face and chest. And of course I enjoyed swallowing it all.

The funny thing was, she looked exactly as if she was a genetic girl. You would not have realised, had you seen her in the street, that she was a ladyboy. But if she had been a GG, gorgeous that she was, she would not have been as exciting. To me, she summed up the attraction of the ladyboy. Girl and boy together in one body.

And the same to you!

captain outrageous, honey
My subject today is balls. Or, to use the Thai slang word, kai: which translates as “eggs”. Regular readers of this blog will have heard me going on many times about the beauty of the penis, and that it is only the fact the thing is usually stuck on a man that prevents most other men forming any kind of an interest in it.

Those of us who love ladyboys are in the very happy position of being able to explore the world of penises without having to worry that we might be gay, because with a ladyboy the whole equation goes out the window. But how many of us get below the warm, fragrant pubic hair, the shiny pink glans and the hot shaft, and examine a ladyboy’s testicles?

Well, yours truly does, for a start.

As with cocks, the variety of balls types is diverse. I was photographing a ladyboy only a few days ago and was greatly impressed by the delicacy of the skin around her testicles. It was so fine as to be almost transparent, and when she became aroused the skin took on a pink tint. She did in fact have exceptionally white smooth skin, and this had translated down below into a tight little bag that was incredibly sensitive to the touch. I ran my fingers gently over it and she trembled, seizing her dick and, a few moments later, sending a white spurt all the way up her tummy to her nipples.

Some years ago I had a regular ladyboy friend whose balls were in a fine skinned pouch that was creamy to the touch and the tongue. She had an enormous dick, very long and strong, and this seemed to be reflected in the size of the bag, which was large and loose yet tightened up when she was aroused. I was fascinated by her balls, which were exceptionally large and round, and she was more than happy for me to play with them. She was another pale-skinned girl, and both the head of her dick and her scrotum would blush pink as she neared ejaculation.

Dick size and balls size do not always correlate, however. There are several sets and movies of Dee on the site, and she has a magnificent dick. But her balls are tiny. So small in fact that even close up they appear just as two swellings under the skin. That doesn’t prevent her shooting an immense load, though.

Again, the volume of cum doesn’t seem to relate to the size of the balls. Many a time I have seen a tight little package produce a terrific volume. On the other hand, I have seen magnificently large balls that produce only a small quantity.
captain outrageous, kew

Some scrotums are large, with the skin thick and heavy, the bag pulled very tight and with attractive horizontal creases. Some hang very low, the contents suspended like baubles inside the pink, elastic skin. Many are completely hairless, the majority, but some have a smattering of hair. All have a seam, the perineal raphe, running through the centre, which carries on for the length of the penis, and in many cases this is exceptionally well defined, forming a ridge. One thing is for sure: balls are incredibly sensitive, and need the application of a very gentle tongue or finger for the desired effect, which is to help your ladyboy friend shoot the biggest, hottest, creamiest load she can.

The fledgling

captain outrageous, ladyboy kay

My maid arrived on Saturday with her young nephew, her brother’s son, in  tow.  The lad, who is nine years old,  was going to  use my swimming pool.  He  got changed and went happily downstairs to splash around for a couple of hours while his auntie did the ironing.

After he had gone my maid said, “We  think he will become ladyboy.”  I must have looked utterly gobsmacked, because she laughed at my expression.  “Not be surprised!  Lot of ladyboy now!”

I asked her why they thought the boy might develop in that direction, and she told me that he was becoming effeminate, sometimes liked to walk like a girl, and preferred playing with girls and girls’ toys. He also enjoyed looking at photographs of glamorous women, rather than the usual sort of thing that boys of that age take an interest in.

He was regularly teased by his schoolmates for all this, said my maid, but it all seemed good-natured: he certainly wasn’t being bullied.

To be honest he had just seemed like a normal, nice kid to me. Very polite, natural smile. Why do you think he would become like that, I asked her. She replied, and she has said this to me before, that a lot of young Thai boys don’t want to become Thai men. The lot of the working class Thai male is a tough one. The boy’s father is a hopeless case, and certainly no role model for a youngster.

The lad, my maid continued, is bright. He is also sensitive. Because my maid’s son is also a ladyboy, there are a lot of ladyboys around the family. Already the boy can see that the perceived glamour of being a ladyboy can lead to a good lifestyle, she said.

Time and time again I have spoken to ladyboys about how they first decided to follow their chosen path, and I have heard stories that stack up like this one. So often, the decision has been made before puberty. And yes, some have told me that they decided as young as eight or nine years old.

In other words, the lad could be a classic case. It’s too early to tell yet. But as the family is already talking about it, there is the distinct possibility.

Personally, I hope the boy straightens himself out and gets a good education that would at least give him the chance of a decent career. The ladyboy lifestyle may appear glamorous, and it often is, but there can be a great deal of heartache involved, for the ladyboy herself and for her family.