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Archive for the year 2006

Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn’t Clear

third sexSeldom does the mainstream media carry any serious coverage of young transgendered people, but the following article written by Patricia Leigh Brown appeared in a recent edition of the New York Times. I’m reproducing it in full here. The article can be found here .

‘Until recently, many children who did not conform to gender norms in their clothing or behavior and identified intensely with the opposite sex were steered to psychoanalysis or behavior modification.

But as advocates gain ground for what they call gender-identity rights, evidenced most recently by New York City’s decision to let people alter the sex listed on their birth certificates, a major change is taking place among schools and families. Children as young as 5 who display predispositions to dress like the opposite sex are being supported by a growing number of young parents, educators and mental health professionals.

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Dressed to the 69s

Captain OutrageousA few days ago I was in Pattaya and I made arrangements to photograph a ladyboy. She was a tall and very leggy girl, and she turned up wearing a tiny white halter top that left her back almost completely bare, and a white microskirt so small you could see the top of her bum cleft and so short you could see her enormous dick bulging out of her green knickers.

I was staying in a posh beach resort hotel, and although I had taken a couple of ladyboys into my bungalow during my stay there they had been very demure and passed easily as very pretty girls. This one, who metaphorically had HAVE SEX WITH ME written all over her would, I felt, dent my credibility with the security guards and with the resort owners, who are friends.

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To Bee or not to Bee

captain outrageousBack in March I wrote about the often fine line between boy and ladyboy, and told the story of Bee, the ladyboy who went back to being a boy again. He had lost all the feminine allure that had made him (her!) such an attractive ladyboy, and had become just like any other young guy: a strutting, rather pushy one at that.

He had bombarded me with phone calls, offering his own services, but I’m seldom interested in boys and so I declined. He had also offered to bring ladyboy friends around for a photoshoot, but on the one occasion I agreed there was a dreadful row when he poached on the territory of one of my regular and trusted scouts, and so I didn’t do it again. Gradually, Bee faded into the background.

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Letter to the Captain

I have just received this email from a member of the main site, and I’m reproducing it here in full with his kind permission.

Dear Captain,

My latest Thai escapade is over and I am back in farangland with some wonderful stories and pics to share. At this time, however, I would like to share a particular experience not only with you, but with the whole Capt O audience if you agree that it could be of general interest and educational for members not yet so acquainted with the ways of the Thai seductresses.

I am an experienced ladyboy punter, who in Pattaya three weeks ago made the acquaintance at a go-go bar of a rather unique ladyboy. Let’s call her “X” because it is the gentlemanly thing to do. X is unlike any other ladyboy I ever met. She is 99 percent passable (and I can spot them a mile away), the only thing giving her away being the proverbially salient Adam’s apple.

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A Walk in the Park

Ladyboys at third sexThere is a park along Sukhumvit Road that I like using for photographs. It has traditional Thai gazebos, modern sculptures, overhanging trees, exotic tropical blooms, dramatic water fountains and a lake. Add in a backdrop of local people, gardeners in straw hats, and a large colony of pigeons, and you have a varied and satisfying setting for your ladyboys.

Ideally, however, you should take only one at a time. Nobody pays much attention to a Westerner taking photographs of what they assume is his girlfriend. A gaggle of ladyboys is however something else. Everyone stares.

A ladyboy out on her own usually becomes very demure. I have walked through this park with Talisha, who of course is big, buxom and blond, and she has attracted looks of admiration: she in fact looked like a Scandinavian or German tourist. Others such as Ton and Lela have likewise been perfect companions, sweet company and beautiful to photograph.

The other day however I took a walk through the park with four ladyboys: and when you have a group they tend to reach a critical mass. The only way to survive a session like this is to assume a “There is nothing strange in this, I do it all the time” expression. And of course to don your invisible anti-embarrassment shield.

This particular day was a Saturday, and also a public holiday, so the park was unusually full. We must have made a very entertaining spectacle for those laying on the grass, sitting gazing from the benches, or strolling under the trees. And my four sweet little friends did their very best to entertain.

I tried not to blush when one of them did something unmentionable to a rather phallic gatepost. I thought it was a little unnecessary for another to sexually abuse the rocking horse in the playground. It was very nice for me when one flashed her knickers at the camera, and I only hope the passers-by enjoyed the spectacle too.

I watched helplessly as one of our number became bogged down by her high heels in a muddy patch next to the lake, much to the amusement of a group of youths who were sprawled on the grass with a couple of guitars. In a gazebo overlooking the lake there were a number of old men slumbering on the benches, and I felt sorry for them as we burst in with a storm of chatter and giggling, as it couldnít have been easy on their hangovers. I even felt a bit sorry for the pigeons, who fled in panic.

We wended our way around the lake. One girl, who was wearing low-cut jeans, decided to flash her bottom at me. Another fellated a hosepipe, much to the consternation of the gardener. Someone masturbated the drinking water fountain. Inevitably, one of our group mounted the bobble-topped fencepost next to the ornamental pond and rode it with a lascivious expression. And they ALL piled into the ladies loo, leaving me lurking outside like a pervert, listening to the squeals coming from inside.

In the end I got my pictures and we headed outside for a taxi. When I looked at the pix on my computer they had actually come out very well. It had been worth the ordeal. But I think in future Iíll stick to photographing one ladyboy at a time.