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Archive for May, 2010

Where the boys are

captain outrageous, schoolgirl o

An out-of-town friend wanted to go to Silom Soi 4 the other evening. A regular visitor to Bangkok, and a ladyboy addict, he had been reading up on Soi 4 on the internet, and was keen to see the place.

Although Soi 4 is right next to Patpong, and is often regarded as part of that district, it is not part of the Patpong estate and has nothing to do with the Patpong family. The land in fact is owned by the family who have the house at the end of Soi 4: the soi is a cul-de-sac, and at the end is a wall and a large set of gates. At some point in the past, the family decided to put shophouses along the entrance to their property, and it became a centre for gay bars when Rome, a gay disco, opened there in the late 70s.

These days, although there is an overall gayness to the outlets in the soi, it does attract a very mixed clientele. At the far end, there is Noriega, a small bar with live music that is the HQ of the Hash House Harriers: consequently, you get a substantial number of the hairy-arsed types battling their way through the crowds of young and pretty boys that are trying to drum up business for the other outlets, the majority of which are restaurant-bars with outdoor seating.
captain outrageous, schoolgirl o
In fact, the overwhelming influence here is the femboy. The young guys working in the bars tend towards the type that wears makeup, or who are distinctly non-macho. Anyone wanting a bit more masculinity heads for Soi Twilight, on the other side of Surawong Road.

Femboys have become more numerous and a lot more visible in Thailand in recent years. Some femboys go on and embrace the full ladyboy culture, but many prefer to stay as they are, and they can be very sensual. There are a few pictured on the main site. Toto, for example, and Sunee. I find them intriguing, with their blend of the male and female.

I sat with my out-of-town friend at the outdoor area of one of the Soi 4 bars, and watched the parade go by. It was early evening, and he wanted to look rather than indulge in any action: and in fact we soon went on to Patpong. Having outdoor seating is a major advantage, as there is no traffic in the soi. In fact, gay or straight, young or old, this is a great place for anyone to hang out.

Back roads

captain outrageous, schoolgirl o
I was thinking about sodomy this morning. As one does. Part of the thrill of going with a ladyboy is the thought that she is probably not going to be adverse to this kind of activity. Speaking of someone who has had a lifelong fetish for female bottoms, but who has usually been gently rebuffed when attempting a rear entry with a genetic girl, this is an important matter for me.

Anyway, following my last post, I was moving on to the logical progression from viewing the enticing rear of a lovely and willing young ladyboy.

Anal penetration is not always easy, not without causing a considerable amount of pain. At least, as they say, the first time. But minimal penetration, part entry, can itself be extremely exciting. There is no need to go the whole hog. And besides that, there is the visual aspect of having a pert little bottom in front of you, or beneath you, and of making the most intimate contact with it.

Even if penetration is not possible or desirable, there is plenty else to keep you happily occupied. The Thais are as clean as cats, and the contact of tongue with bottom (ie yours with hers) is another orgasmic experience for both players. And again, of course, you have the visual thrill of a heart-shaped derriere filling your vision while you do it, not to mention a stiff little cock to play with.

There are on this site a number of ladyboys with hairy bottoms. Personally, I have nothing against this, and indeed I usually like it, although I know it’s a turnoff for many people. But soft, fragrant hair can be as exciting as skin that is as smooth and sweet as a baby’s. To have that nice warm hair tickling your nose is really rather exciting.

When a ladyboy takes female hormones, it is not just the breasts that start to grow. Her bottom also tends to take on a fuller, rounder shape. As a result, her rear becomes as enticing as that of a GG’s.  Even the skinny girls, whose bust obstinately refuses to bud, and whose bottom remains tiny and tight, somehow puts on just a little fat down there, and her bum ceases to be that of a male.
captain outrageous, schoolgirl o
But back to sodomy. If you are with someone who is experienced enough to let you penetrate all the way up, be aware that you still have to be gentle. Despite what a lot of people think, the anal passage was not designed for sexual intercourse. Rough treatment can lead to bruising or abrasions, or to the onset of haemorrhoids. I have seen far too many wrecked ladyboy bottom holes in my time.

KY jelly, or something similar, is essential. And on the first occasion, a little exploration with your finger is not a bad idea. You will soon discover how tight she may be, and how difficult a job (and how painful for her) a full penetration is likely to be.

Plus, the sphincter is there for a purpose. You can ease your way through with a little gentle perseverance, but you can however trigger a natural reaction  that will require a quick visit to the bathroom for both  players.  When that happens,  there is no need whatsoever to shout out, “Yuk!!”

Remember, you are a gentleman.

Leading from behind

captain outrageous, ladyboy modelle

Anybody who takes as many photographs of naked people as I do soon develops a keen eye for anatomical differences.

Take, for example, the ladyboy bottom. Alright! I know what you are going to say! He is a right pervert who has a fetish about bums! We’ve heard him before on this blog, going on about it!

Well…okay…I admit it. But let us take this subject academically, or at least with the eye of a photographer.

There are few things more intoxicating than the sight of a ladyboy on her hands and knees, with her back arched and her smooth little bottom in the air. Taking the photograph from directly behind, the ideal picture is of bottom cheeks parted to form perfect round hemispheres with the entry point slightly open and eagerly waiting.

The point is that anatomically, this is not possible for a lot of models. The structure of their body, the curvature of the spine, the setting of the hips, the fatty content of their bottom cheeks will all work together to make this view possible or not.
captain outrageous, ladyboy cherie

Some ladyboys simply cannot arch their backs in that way, and on some the buttocks do not separate naturally to give that awesome view. Instead, you get an attractive enough view, certainly, but the cheeks of her bottom will be pressed together, and that tantalising little hole will be invisible unless you get her to pull them apart.

This peculiarity came home to me when I was taking pictures of Modelle recently. She has a perfect behind for that style of photograph, and I took far too many shots of her bum. When I had finished, she sat up and said, “Phew!” I apologised profusely, because I’m always asking during the course of a shoot if the model is comfortable and happy. And, for a while there, I had forgotten; I was so engrossed.

There are other aspects, too. Skin blemishes, especially pimples, being foremost. Rare is the model who has perfect skin on her bottom, with pimples and scaly skin being the main problem. Many is the time I have sat at the computer screen late into the night, photoshopping pimples from a ladyboy’s bottom and wondering quite what my career has come to.
captain outrageous, ladyboy honey

I have been very lucky indeed to see some absolutely beautiful bottoms during the course of taking photographs. I think the best I have ever seen belongs to Cherie. I never tire of seeing it. Flawless skin, pale colouring, creamy smooth texture, sublimely rounded cheeks, a clearly defined cleft, a tiny little crack with just a slight tinge of pink: utter perfection. I posted a video of her a while back, and looking at it again recently, for the first time since I did the editing, I realised that I devoted half the time to panning over those lovely cheeks of hers.

Honey is another example of a sublime rear end. Firm to the touch, not a scar or tattoo or pimple in sight, with a hole that opens out when she goes onto her elbows and knees, it is a photographer’s dream. Ice is another, although I regret very much that she decided a while back to have that dragon tattoo done. Nan has a perfect, plump little bottom. Nong, intriguingly, has a bum where the entry always seems to be visible, even when she is not trying. I watch her walk past me, naked, and it winks at me.
captain outrageous, ladyboy nong

Other girls, however, can leave me unmoved in that department. But then they usually compensate in some other way. Seldom do you find a ladyboy who doesn’t have anything at all attractive about her. And I avoid those, anyway.

Two can play

captain outrageous, ladyboy nicky

My old friend Jodahunta is currently in town. He hunkered down in a hotel in a quiet little soi just off Sukhumvit, and I went to have coffee with him last Sunday morning.

We sat out on the hotel terrace, watching the world go by. Suddenly, a couple of ladyboys hove into view, walking down the street.

“Oh-oh,” said Jodahunta, shrinking behind his coffee cup. “I think I know who these two are.”

We watched. The ladyboys didn’t see us, but walked straight past and into the hotel lobby.

He told me  what had happened. He had checked into the hotel  yesterday, and that evening had gone to Nana Plaza, where he enjoyed himself in predictable style. Shortly after midnight he had set off to walk back along Sukhumvit to his hotel, when he had seen the two ladyboys sitting  at a roadside noodle stall.

Despite the debauchery of the evening, he had felt the stirrings of  interest, and stopped to talk to them.  But then he decided that any more action that evening was beyond him, so  he told them he was going back to his hotel.

“Which hotel?” they asked. He told them, and added:  “See you there tomorrow, if you like.”

It seemed they did like. They had undoubtedly spent the rest of the night prowling the streets, and now, at 10:30am, had decided to  see if Jodahunta was ready to play.

Now, with the two of them still in the lobby looking for him, he was undecided what to do. He fiddled with his coffee cup. “I’m  a bit bushed, actually,” he said. “I could do with a quiet massage and a couple of hours by the poolside.”

Then the two ladyboys emerged from the lobby, and straightaway saw us. With big, predatory smiles they made their way over and sat down. I glanced at Jodahunta. He had come to life again. All thoughts of a snooze by the hotel pool were forgotten. He began talking eagerly to our two young friends.

I made an excuse and left.

Early that evening, he called me. He was alone in his hotel room. “They drained me,” he croaked happily. “The two of them together. I never thought I could have had so much sex without bursting into flames. It was….out of this world!”

What about your massage, I asked him.

“Oh, yes!” he said. “They finished off by giving me a four-handed massage. It revived me enough to say goodbye to them.  What a pair of sweethearts!”

Marketing tool

captain outrageous, ladyboy jo

A ladyboy friend came round on Sunday afternoon and told me she had just started working at a bar in Nana Plaza. What happened to your university course, I asked her.
“I got my degree and had certificate end of last year.” She made a little flourish to illustrate the presentation of the degree certificate.
So why aren’t you in a daytime job?
“No good jobs. Economy very poor. Most jobs pay small money. Work not interesting.”
But you have a degree in marketing, I said. Surely that must give you a choice of the type of work?
“Now I marketing ME!” she said, spreading her arms out and laughing. I couldn’t help but crack up at her, because she is very funny and very bright, and I’ve known her for a long time.

Ladyboys are in fact superb at marketing themselves. They have to be. Take a fairly ordinary looking young boy and imagine what it would need to turn him into a radiant girl, a sexual beauty admired by even the most heterosexual of men. Not an easy thought, is it?

But they do it. I have watched as fairly plain looking ladyboys get themselves made up for a photoshoot, or to go onstage at a cabaret, and the transformation is quite simply awesome.

This is why ladyboys are so sought after as beauticians, hairdressers and makeup artists.

Walk through the beauty department of the Emporium, or Robinson’s, or one of the big Central department stores, and you will always see at least a couple of ladyboys working behind the counter.

Visit a tv studio or a movie set, and there will be ladyboys in the makeup departments and wardrobe.

They know exactly what is needed to transform even the most ordinary person, because they have had to do the same job on themselves and they have also spent hours practicing on their friends.

Apart from the makeup of course they have to train their voices, and to learn how to speak and move like a girl.

I have heard ladyboys with gruff voices, having made no attempt to soften their tones and raise them a pitch or so, and the effect can be off-putting. I have watched ladyboys walking just like a man, rather than adopt small and dainty steps, and it ruins the illusion they have been trying to create through dress and makeup.

I have even watched as ladyboys practice female mannerisms. I remember once watching a ladyboy friend sweeping the floor with a broom and dustpan. I noticed how, rather than take the big sweeps a man might take, she made little whisking movements to get the dust into the pan, whilst keeping her knees pressed together, bending just slightly at the knee rather than stooping, and even pursing her lips while she worked.

Very telling too is watching a ladyboy using the loo. If she is taking her role seriously, she will sit down. And most of those who I have watched using the bathroom do this: you don’t get many who stand up.

Clothing of course is another area, and although many ladyboys show a shockingly garish dress sense, there is no doubt they know how to put colours and styles together.

This makes them ideal dress designers. The rag trade in Thailand is vast. Plentiful homemade textiles and the availability of cheap imports from India and China mean that there is a lot of inexpensive material to work on, and the markets and malls are crammed with stalls and small shops selling good quality fashions at low prices.

I have known a lot of ladyboys who study fashion at college and then get themselves jobs working for a fashion designer or an outfitter, and then very often going into business for themselves.

So, being a ladyboy means more than just putting on makeup. It is a massive marketing job. Many of them deserve a doctorate.