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Please do tease

Cherie - Captain Outrageous

Many ladyboys understand the fact that a lot of men like their women to act slutty, and they build up a persona of the teenage slut that would be hard for anyone to resist.

I well remember a young ladyboy friend who used to dress in a tennis skirt and trainers with white socks, and who had a knock-knee stance that brought me out in a hot flush. She was small and super-cute, and to tease me she would flip up her tiny skirt and display her beknickered little bottom, slowly pulling down her panties halfway before springing away from my grasp, giggling. The little minx.

I also find that dressing suitable ladyboys as schoolgirls brings out the tease in them, and that suddenly they start to speak in a lisping little-girl manner, give me shy little under-the-eyelash glances, and sit in a sprawling manner so that their panties can be clearly seen. When the uniforms come off, the white socks stay on, and the necktie too, if they are wearing one. Somehow they know instinctively that this is fantastically arousing.

I remember a genetic girl asking me once, what did I find so exciting about ladyboys. I told her that ladyboys know how everything works, that they understand what is a turn-on, and how to fulfil fantasies. My GG friend couldn’t really understand too well what I was saying. To her, being a girl was enough. Surely, all that men wanted was simply to have sex? Not so, I said. There is an enormous need for fantasy as well. If your fantasy is to be with a gorgeous little schoolgirl who acts in the most slutty way before revealing herself to be a boy, then so be it. It takes all sorts.

I also tried to explain the forbidden fruit aspect. Many young GGs know instinctively how to tease, but it stops there. You don’t get to have actual sex with them. But with a ladyboy, you know that along with the teasing, sex will certainly follow. Ladyboys don’t refuse sex. They still have the sex-drive of a male, and will be as excited as you at the thought of what is about to happen. Plus, they will be enthralled to see how you are falling for their feminine charms and their come-hither act.

I remember once taking photographs in a riverside park in Bangkok. My ladyboy model, Cherie, was very young and innocent looking. She jumped down next to the water, just out of sight of the people in the park, and promptly yanked her jeans down so that I had an eyeful of her pert, pale little bottom. Then she went into giggles as I gave an involuntary impression of a landed fish, eyes bulging and mouth opening and closing soundlessly.

On another occasion with another ladyboy, during one hot afternoon when she had stopped by and found my maid was still in the apartment working, she asked if she could take a shower. I sat working at my computer, while she showered and then emerged dressed only in a towel. I watched her, hot with desire, as she sauntered past and went into the kitchen. My maid was out on the balcony, watering the plants. My ladyboy friend gave me a sultry look, turned her back on me, dropped her towel, and then with both hands gently parted the cheeks of her bottom, laughing as I almost went into meltdown at my keyboard. Just in time, she grabbed the towel as my maid entered the room with her watering can.

Yes, of course, GGs do all this and more. But ladyboys sometimes do it better.

Fun and games


A ladyboy friend announced to me the other day that her young brother had decided he would become a ladyboy. How old is he, I asked. “Twelve,” she said.

I asked her why he had made the decision, when he hadn’t even reached puberty.

Instead of giving me the reply that I expected, that he felt his career expectations would be better if he changed his sex (regular readers will remember this theme), she simply said: “He thinks can have more fun that way.”

I asked her what kind of fun. “Oh, go out, party, disco, lots of friends, try on makeup, buy clothes, go with friends to beach, go singing dancing, have good time.”

But couldn’t he do that as a boy?

She looked at me as if I simply didn’t get it. “Yes, he could, but if ladyboy, someone else pay for him. Ladyboy can always have good time for free. Boys take them, sometimes boyfriend give money, sometimes have fan [lover] pay everything. Then not have to worry about money.”

I’m sure this was not the only reason that the boy had decided on his future life course, but I can see that it would have influenced him hugely, especially as he has a big and very attractive “sister” who seems to do pretty well out of being a ladyboy.

Thais love to have fun, and even in the provincial towns there is a whole world of nightlife to be enjoyed. For the youngsters, the fun they have is much better if no sense of responsibility is involved, and they can just party on without having to worry about money.

Then of course there is the dressing up, and the makeup, and the theatricality of being a ladyboy. There is the excitement of being part of a minority group that rebels against conventional society. The reflected glamour of being allowed backstage at the ladyboy beauty contests and the cabaret shows, of which there are a huge number throughout Thailand, and of tagging along for supper after the show or the bar closes.

The sexuality side of things will not really be considered by a young ladyboy, because he probably won’t really understand it. By the time he does, it will appear normal behaviour: especially if he has begun taking female hormones. And especially when he sees how easily money can be made.

When you compare this life of perceived fun to the lot of the ordinary young working-class Thai male, with his ripped jeans and rubber flip-flops and his paltry wages, you can just about begin to see what attracts so many youngsters to joining the third sex.