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A taste of things to cum

captain outrageous, ladyboy da

I was taking a set of photographs of a ladyboy a couple of weeks ago, and we had arrived at the wanking sequence. She had a good, strong dick and I was hopeful of a good result. She didn’t disappoint me. She spurted all over the place: starting with a fine spray, the second jet went all over her tummy and filled her belly-button, while big splashes landed on the sheet next to her.

“I sorry!” she gasped. “Make big mess!”

I told her I didn’t mind one bit. As she lay there recovering I watched her cum change colour from milky white to translucent, and watched as it ran in a rivulet down her side to make a further puddle on the sheet. The air was fragrant with cum, that odd aroma that seems to fall somewhere between the juice of the fresh coconut and a bottle of household cleaner.

I ran my index finger along her stomach and then popped it into my mouth. Delicious! I said. She giggled. Then she stood up to go to the bathroom, and I made her stand in front of me for a moment or two so that I could lick a few more drops off her belly and from her soaked pubic hairs. Then, with some reluctance I let her go, and she disappeared into the bathroom, her wet dick swaying between her legs as she walked.

There is something so sensuous about a ladyboy shooting a big, white-hot load. You watch as the tummy muscles contract, as the dick becomes redder and harder, and then at the great whoosh as semen goes everywhere. Then there is the post-cum time, when your companion is laying back and you watch her dick slowly subsiding, laying limp and exhausted on her wet tummy.

Of course, if you get to swallow the stuff, so much the better. A ladyboy with a clean-living lifestyle (no booze, smoking or drugs, minimal red meat and junk food, and lots of water and fresh fruit) will deliver a hot creamy nutty-flavoured load that has salty, acidic overtones and sometimes a high-note of chlorine.

The flavour also seems to change depending on frequency. I remember one occasion with a ladyboy who shot such a bitter load that I almost shot it out again. Then she told me it was the fifth time that day she had cum. So I was getting the dregs. I would have been more impressed if the previous four occasions had been with me, but it was some other lucky bloke, and I didn’t ask her round again.

A ladyboy on hormones will produce less and it will also affect the colour and consistency, producing a colourless glutinous fluid that is considerably less exciting. A ladyboy who doesn’t take hormones but who has a naturally small delivery will nonetheless have her own attraction because rather than tackling a great mouthful, you become aware of only a subtle change in flavour, from warm flesh to warm cum, and of her dick softening up.

A massive cummer can, on the other hand, be somewhat alarming, as you frantically swallow to prevent yourself choking. This is especially the case if you are lying on your back. Best get on top with those girls, and savour the huge mouthful before letting it slip down.

It is a very interesting subject! But for those who stick only to genetic girls, they will never experience it. Ladyboy lovers are the lucky ones.

What can you say?

I had an email from a new member during the week, saying that as a middle-aged American man who had loved women all his life, to his great surprise, on a trip to Thailand, he had experienced ladyboys and now felt overwhelmingly attracted to them.

He said that it was difficult to live in what he evocatively described as a “shadow world”, in which an attraction to ladyboys forces us to live split lives. We can be with a ladyboy in Thailand and be fine with that even in public….BUT, he said, there is no way in which you can even talk about your feelings when you get home, because nobody will understand.

There was no way, he said, in which he could explain that loving ladyboys is not the same as being gay. “And how am I to explain something as mysterious as finding ladyboys very erotic when I don’t even fully understand it myself?”

This latter comment really rang a bell with me, because even after all these years I can’t quite explain the attraction that ladyboys have for me.

I have no problems whatsoever with genetic girls, having been turned on to them obsessively when puberty hit at the age of 12 or 13, and finding them as alluring now as I always did.

My secondary school in London was for boys only, and in the changing room and showers I found the sight of a penis to be exciting in an odd kind of way, which I put down at the time and to this day as being a result of having strong sexual urges but no female company of my own age. I have no sisters, and probably spoke to no more than a handful of girls my own age between the ages of 11 and 15, after which I realised that they were more or less of the human species and not adverse to the attentions of gauche teenage boys.

But even in those girl-less days, despite doing the usual things that nasty stinky little English schoolboys did, I would never have had sex with any of my school mates and even today, after a lifetime of often bizarre sexual experiences, I find the idea of having sex with a man to be a turn-off.

I have a number of gay friends, and I meet up with them sometimes for happy hour drinks and I listen to their stories but although they more or less accept me because of my ladyboy interest, I still feel an outsider.

I don’t even want to get caught up in the transsexual rights movement, because I don’t have any agenda on that. It’s not something I would argue for or against. The subject is entirely personal to the individual concerned, and deserving of the greatest sympathy and understanding; beyond that, I have no reason to participate. Except to say that as far as Thai ladyboys are concerned, the phenomenon has little to do with genuine transsexualism: or if it does, given the enormous number of people involved, there must be something very dodgy in the water here.

But am I a hypocrite? I, who spend so much time with ladyboys, and who find them erotic dynamite? I, who have sex on an extremely frequent basis with people who are biologically male? I, who know more than anybody else I know about Thai ladyboys and who could probably do something useful with my knowledge?

Having thought long and hard about all this over the years, I have come to one conclusion: Fuck it. I don’t care. I’m in it for the fun.

Bottoms up!

captain outrageous, ladyboy benz

“I don’t do this very often,” she said. She was on her hands and knees on the bed. She smeared her bottom with KY Jelly, and then taking me gently in hand, guided me into position. I heard her give a little gasp as I eased my way in gently. I reached down and wrapped my hand round her cock, which hardened up straight away. For a minute or so I pulled gently at it, then as she gave a little cry it went soft and wet in my hand. A few moments later the earth moved and then I lay beside her, she flat on her tummy and me on my back, slightly down the bed so that I could carry on gazing at those pale bottom cheeks.

Fucking a ladyboy up the bum is so deliriously exciting that the very thought of it, wherever I happen to be, makes me go hot. I travel overseas a great deal, once a month on average, and it’s always the same. As soon as I land in another country the ladyboy fantasies begin to well up in my mind, the stiff little cocks and the willing little bottoms and the shy little smiles, and I can’t wait to get back to Bangkok. I am usually on the phone when I’m in the taxi heading out of Suvarnabhumi Airport, and by the early evening I’m gazing at the most perfect little bottom cheeks…

This urge to penetrate someone’s rectum is a bit odd, I have to admit. Genetic girls don’t usually like it, figuring with complete justification that they have something else much better suited to the job. Boys of course will do it, if they have a mind to, but I’m not interested in boys. Ladyboys however are built for it.

You have naturally to be gentle, because it is so easy to cause damage when you go blundering in. I have seen a great many wrecked anuses amongst the bar workers. You can never use too much KY. Also you have to go in slowly, to allow the muscles to relax . Once in, however, it is so deliciously tight. Often too tight to slide in and out, as with vaginal sex. But personally, for me, it’s as much about the visual appeal. A ladyboy with her bottom in the air and oneself embedded in the centre of it is breathtaking. A ladyboy on her back, her knees drawn up and her bottom hole looking like a small pussy, is also breathtaking. A ladyboy on her side…I could go on…

Those who follow my photosets will know that I like to get really close up to a ladyboy’s bottom, and to get her to part her cheeks and her cute little hole. This is intensely exciting for me, no matter how many times I do it. I often find, when I play the pictures back on the screen, that I have far more than I need.

I was photographing a most gorgeous little bottom a few days ago. I put down the camera, and ran my hands over the soft, warm honey-brown cheeks. The ladyboy who owned the bottom gave a little giggle and wriggle. “You want me?” she asked. I parted her cheeks and looked at the perfect little opening. I touched it with my lips, watching it dilate like a shy little flower. I explored gently with my finger. Tight, but with KY and a little finger-exercise there would probably be no difficulty.

But…”We have to finish the pictures,” I said. And I reluctantly picked up the camera. About 15 minutes later, she shot a hot white load, and after that she had lost interest in sex and she wanted to go and meet a friend. But she will be back.

In the market

I have mentioned before how I like to go tramping around some of the more obscure corners of Bangkok at the weekends, and last Sunday afternoon I found myself at Klong San market, which is next to the ferry pier on the Thonburi side of the river.

I’m not really a market kind of a person. I find markets to be hot, crowded and irritating, and it doesn’t help that I’m one of nature’s non-shoppers. I was actually there because in this area is an old Portuguese church, and I wanted to take some photographs.

The market is where many Thai girls come to stock up on their wardrobes, because it is well known for its fashionable yet inexpensive clothing. If fact, if you want to ogle young Thai girls, and who doesn’t, this is the place to come. You can catch the ferry next to the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel: it will take you across the river and land you directly at Klong San.

Anyway, I was looking round briefly before trudging on when I saw a group of four ladyboys. They were doing their clothes shopping. And I realised, this must be the ideal spot to go looking for ladyboys during a weekend afternoon, because they will be shopping here for fashionable and inexpensive clothing, just the same as their GG sisters.

I got talking to them. At first they were a bit shy. They all said they were at college or at school. I asked them what they wanted to do when they left.

One said she wanted to be something in IT, and said she was taking a computer studies course at college. Another was on a clothing design course, a popular choice amongst many ladyboys, and said she had an ambition to open up her own shop. “Like this,” she said, nodding towards the market stall at which we were standing, which was more like a small shop.

This is actually quite a viable career for a ladyboy. I meet many who come along for a photoshoot who say that they help a friend run a boutique or clothing shop, and given Thailand’s huge fashion and garments business, at all levels of price and expertise, as long as you have some business sense and some quality designs, I would think you can make a reasonable living.

The perpetual question, where do ladyboys go when they retire, can partly be explained by this area of business. Some will go back to their home province and open a shop or market stall, others will stay in Bangkok and open up in somewhere like Klong San, while others who have a little more capital will rent space in somewhere like the MBK shopping centre at Siam Square, or one of the other malls in the suburbs.

Of the other two ladyboys I was talking to, one said she wanted to go into showbusiness, and added that cabaret might be her first stop. Not into bar work, I asked. She wrinkled her nose. “Maybe, I know can earn good money, but I not like my family to know.”

The fourth one, who was small and cute, said she wanted to marry a foreigner. “You!” she said, linking her arm through mine. I took her phone number. I don’t actually have marriage in mind, but I’m sure we can reach a compromise.

The real thing

captain outrageous, ladyboy bea

A friend in town last weekend satisfied a lifetime’s ambition and took a set of photographs of a nude girl. “I’ve always wanted to do this,” he crowed, producing his laptop and running through the pictures for my delectation. They were good looking pictures, as he has just bought the latest top-of-the-line Canon camera, and he had borrowed my studio lights for the session. The girl was attractive, a factory worker in her late 20s.

I watched as he flipped through the pictures. Nice teasing expression on the girl’s face, a coy look as she unbuttoned her blouse, then she slipped her pants off and we had some close-ups of her pussy. All very nice, except for one thing.

“She doesn’t have a cock,” I said. “Some deformity, surely?”

He burst out laughing. “You’ve been photographing ladyboys for too long,” he said. “You’ve forgotten what real girls look like. Here – this is more to your liking.”

He flipped on to some pictures he had taken of the girl on her hands and knees, with her beautiful bum in the air and the cute little hole ready and waiting.

“Now you’re talking,” I said.

The thing about taking ladyboy pictures is that once the pants come down the fun really starts. You have a beautiful girl who has a cock. If she has a good big stiff one, the sheer photographic adventure starts here. The girl lying on her back with her dick in the air. The juxtaposition in the same frame of female face and erect cock. The use of a macro lens to give a huge close-up of a pink glans. The girl playing with her cock, teasing, and eventually wanking to shoot out a lovely sticky load…that’s what it’s all about.

A genetic girl with her pants down is, of course, also immensely exciting. But she can’t do what a ladyboy can do. And once you have taken a few photos of a GG’s pussy, you are scratching your head wondering what else to do. Of course, there is plenty you can do that will produce exciting photos…but it’s more of the same.

A set of ladyboy pictures works towards a natural climax, visually and physically. And with a good cummer, I also like to take lots of photos of the aftermath: the semen spread all over her belly, forming a puddle in her tummy-button, running down onto the sheets, and the dick slowly subsiding. GGs can’t do that!

As I’ve said on this blog before, I have no problem at all with GGs and I have photographed a good many nude ones in my time. It’s just that…well…something is missing…..