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Archive for the year 2005

A Fourth Sex?

An interesting point was raised the other day by a correspondent who wondered; “if ladyboys can be considered the third sex, should we consider butch lesbians the fourth sex?”

It was an interesting question. There is a tradition in ancient Indian culture that four sexes were created. By the time Buddhism evolved, that had become three sexes. Christians consider there are just two.

My initial reaction was “no” because gays, male or female, are gays. They like partners of their own sex and are generally comfortable being the sex they are. But then I thought again. I know of several lesbians here in Bangkok who outwardly look like men. You can spot a few in Patpong, actually, because they often find work in girlie go-go bars, as cashiers and as mamasans.

I once saw a very butch girl in a fiercely lustful clinch with a go-go girl with whom it was apparent she was having a steamy affair, and I would have taken the dyke for a boy, with her short floppy hair, spectacles, and stocky build.

On Bangkok’s media scene there is a well-known lesbian couple I know slightly, and they are famous fixtures of the media circuit. The girl is feminine, busty and beautiful. The “boy” is slight and slim, cuts her hair short, and wears a man’s suit. She could easily be an effeminate boy. I break out into a rash of lust when I think of them together, because they are both exceptionally beautiful.

There is of course a branch of cosmetic surgery that caters for women who want to become men. Penis construction is a very specialised art, more so than transforming a boy into a girl. I don’t know what the success rate is. I have to confess I have never seen an artificial penis, although I hasten to add that I would never let any experience like that slip by me. This is not a subject I know that much about, so any comments would be more than welcome.

Advanced Networking

Ladyboy communicationSomeone asked me the other day how I had managed to keep in contact with the ladyboy community before everyone had a mobile phone. It was a good point. Ladyboys are always moving, especially the students of course, because to keep rents down they share rooms, and then they fall out with their room mates, or they go on somewhere to get a better room and a better deal, and so on.

The way it so often used to work was by an extraordinary form of bush telegraph. This method of communication is traditional in parts of Asia, and is not confined only to the LB community. It is actually quite difficult for a foreigner to understand, because a message spreads with amazing speed through what can be a complex network. We, if we ever had the art, and I suppose we did before the days of electronic communication, have lost it.

But a word out to one LB friend that I wanted to see someone else soon arrived at its destination. Ladyboys are tremendous gossips. They will pass on any scrap of information about anybody they meet. This is one of the reasons I behave myself very well with them.

In city areas it is relatively easy to understand how the system works, but in rural Thailand, where few people have their own car and a motorcycle is (or was, a few years ago) considered a luxury, this form of communication also works with amazing speed. Here, the word is transmitted through the temples, the beauty salons, the noodle shops, the endless country fairs that the Thais stage, as well as, apparently, the ether.

I saw this means of communication in action a few years ago when I was down in the Deep South of Thailand. This was long before the separationist troubles blew up there. I had gone down with the intention of photographing 20 local ladyboys, and I knew only one.

So I hired a car, and my scout, and we set off. During the course of one evening we trekked through the streets of Pattani and Yala, calling into a disco, a coffee shop, a beauty parlour, and a local store. In each place there was an attractive ladyboy, and she of course had friends. Within a day I had my 20 models lined up, and raring to go. And I could just as easily have had 20 more. They were queuing up. It was a memorable experience.

Kiss and Tell

I was sitting in my favourite bar beer, as the Thais call them, which is the French Kiss on Patpong 2. This is a briliant bar. An island bar, with the sidewalk on one side and the sliproad on the other, it is one of the best places for watching the streetlife and for eyeing up the freelance ladyboys who congregate around here late at night.

That is not the only reason I like it. The owner is French, and he runs the bar as if it was a miniature bistro. There is a small but good menu of French food, cooked up in the tiny kitchen, and there is French wine. You can sit and have an appetiser, and a main course, and finish off with a plate of cheese, all washed down with a bottle of vino. At a Patpong bar beer! It is almost unbelievable.

Oh, and the staff are great. They all know me, of course, but even if I don’t go there for a couple of months, which sometimes happens, they welcome me back like a long-lost friend when I do turn up again.

Anyway, this is not the main reason I mention the French Kiss. As I was saying, I was sitting there with a totally straight friend, who does not know about my liking for ladyboys. We were having a quiet drink. Then along comes a ladyboy who I have known intimately for a long time, and who is one of the most exciting girls I know. Even thinking of her makes me… Anyway, she sees me chatting to my pal. Then very cheekily she steps into the bar, says hello to me, and gives me a great big fat kiss on the lips. Then, with a vixen smile, she retires.

Now, what do I say to my friend?

As I wiped the lipstick off my face, I pondered a couple of possibilities. One, I could blame it all onto my doppelganger. Two, I could say she was a friend of the family. Three, I could topple off my stool in a dead faint, Basil Fawlty style.

I decided to be nonchalant. “A lot worse can happen to you than being kissed by a boy who thinks he’s a girl,” I said to my friend. “Oh,” he replied. “That was a boy, then? I thought it was a girl.”

Bigger than Donald and Mickey

The Chinese are fascinated by ladyboys. If you visit almost any of the ladyboy cabarets in Thailand, you will see busloads of Chinese tourists being shipped in to see the show. These are not just from mainland China, but from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and anywhere else with a significant Chinese population.

In Bangkok, one of the biggest of the ladyboy cabarets is the Golden Dome. I have photographed many of their cast members over the past few years. Golden Dome is especially well known overseas, because they run tours through some of the Asian countries.

Golden Dome Cabaret has recently opened up in Aberdeen, in Hong Kong. I read in the South China Morning Post the other day that it is so successful the organiser is considering staging Hong Kong’s first international transvestite beauty pageant.

Nearly all of the five cabaret shows a day at the Wah Fu Estate venue – which can fit 700 people – are selling out even though there are no local advertisements, according to the SCMP.

“We don’t want to advertise. We have too much business from mainland tours already. We don’t need any Hong Kong tours. If someone wants a walk-in ticket they have to book in advance,” Apichar Sirichantakul, executive director of Golden Dome (HK) International, is reported as saying.

At first sight, the Aberdeen location – on the quiet southern side of Hong Kong island – seems an odd one, although when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Apichar says he chose this place because it is near Ocean Park, and people can go to one of the five shows after their day there.

With mainland Chinese visitors now flooding into Hong Kong, and the numbers projected to increase, the potential is clearly enormous.

The news of the cabaret’s success comes at a time when public controversy is stirring over low attendance at the newly opened Hong Kong Disneyland. Disney announced that a million people visited the theme park in the first 100 days – an average of 10,000 a day.

But Disney is not an automatic attraction for mainland Chinese: just 26 percent of the visitors were from the mainland. If you do the math you’ll find that’s 2,600 to disneyland, 3,500 to the ladyboys

At Golden Dome, Apichar believes the next logical step is to stage a transvestite beauty pageant. Transvestites from all over the world would be invited to compete, he says, with the winner given a free sex-change operation and plastic surgery as well as the chance to perform with a tour of the cabaret show.

He says they will start organising the contest once their Vietnam operation is set up, which itself is news.

Apichar, who calls himself “daddy of the boys”, said that because many transvestites face discrimination, they usually have only two roads in life: to be a performer or to be a prostitute. The contest would give them a good start.

Golden Dome does in fact take a parental interest in its girls. The 30 performers, comprising transsexuals and transvestites, all live in a dormitory, eat together and have to be in bed (alone) by 2am.

Perhaps they should take equally solicious care of the audience. A 60-year tourist from Kunming, who was with a tour group from Yunnan, died a few days ago after collapsing in his seat during a show.

Bishop Defends Transexual Curate

At a time when the Church is tearing itself to pieces over homosexual priests and the ordination of women, it is curious and also heartening to see the Bishop of Hereford defending the decision to ordain a transsexual woman as a priest.

Assistant curate Sarah Jones, 43, from Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire, was born as Colin Jones and spent the first 33 years of her life living as a man. She was due to be ordained on Saturday, and I take this information from a BBC news story.

The BBC quotes the Reverend Anthony Priddis as saying that Ms Jones was “made and loved by God”. The Bishop added that Ms Jones was a “superb candidate” who had the gender realignment surgery “many years ago – long before she explored the possibility of being ordained.”

The Bishop clearly has the kind of refreshingly modern outlook that is seldom encountered (or to be more accurate, seldom reported) amongst churchmen. The issue of gender dysphoria was “understood a lot more clearly in this 21st century as we understand lots of things more clearly”, the BBC quotes him as saying. “Gender realignment surgery helps address that issue and it’s about bringing mind and body into wholeness.

Less tolerant, of course, are those of a fundamentalist bent. Don Horrocks, of the Evangelical Alliance, said the Bible made it “absolutely clear that God created human beings as male and female”, reported the BBC. “Therefore there is absolutely no Christian acknowledgement of the 21st century human idea that it’s possible somehow for a person to take charge of their own destiny and to decide what their own sexuality is.

“Someone who does that… is therefore actually perpetuating an illusion or masquerading and any Christian is clearly not going to be supportive of someone who purports to be what they’re not.”

Thank heavens there is somebody from the religious right to make sure we all know our places.