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Archive for October, 2006

Dressed to the 69s

Captain OutrageousA few days ago I was in Pattaya and I made arrangements to photograph a ladyboy. She was a tall and very leggy girl, and she turned up wearing a tiny white halter top that left her back almost completely bare, and a white microskirt so small you could see the top of her bum cleft and so short you could see her enormous dick bulging out of her green knickers.

I was staying in a posh beach resort hotel, and although I had taken a couple of ladyboys into my bungalow during my stay there they had been very demure and passed easily as very pretty girls. This one, who metaphorically had HAVE SEX WITH ME written all over her would, I felt, dent my credibility with the security guards and with the resort owners, who are friends.

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To Bee or not to Bee

captain outrageousBack in March I wrote about the often fine line between boy and ladyboy, and told the story of Bee, the ladyboy who went back to being a boy again. He had lost all the feminine allure that had made him (her!) such an attractive ladyboy, and had become just like any other young guy: a strutting, rather pushy one at that.

He had bombarded me with phone calls, offering his own services, but I’m seldom interested in boys and so I declined. He had also offered to bring ladyboy friends around for a photoshoot, but on the one occasion I agreed there was a dreadful row when he poached on the territory of one of my regular and trusted scouts, and so I didn’t do it again. Gradually, Bee faded into the background.

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Letter to the Captain

I have just received this email from a member of the main site, and I’m reproducing it here in full with his kind permission.

Dear Captain,

My latest Thai escapade is over and I am back in farangland with some wonderful stories and pics to share. At this time, however, I would like to share a particular experience not only with you, but with the whole Capt O audience if you agree that it could be of general interest and educational for members not yet so acquainted with the ways of the Thai seductresses.

I am an experienced ladyboy punter, who in Pattaya three weeks ago made the acquaintance at a go-go bar of a rather unique ladyboy. Let’s call her “X” because it is the gentlemanly thing to do. X is unlike any other ladyboy I ever met. She is 99 percent passable (and I can spot them a mile away), the only thing giving her away being the proverbially salient Adam’s apple.

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