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Do you cum here often?

ladyboy cock“You want me cum?” she asked, laying back on the bed. Standing over her with my camera, I nodded happily. Can you do, I asked her. She looked at her watch. It was coming up to 4.30 pm, and she had to be at her bar by 6. I know that some ladyboys can take ages to shoot a load (boy, don’t I know, you try leaning over someone with a camera for 15 minutes and see how you feel), and I also know that many don’t actually want to do it because they are saving themselves for an evening’s work.

But my young friend here had a very perky cock that had stood out stiff and straight as soon as it was exposed to my eager gaze, and which felt hot, full and heavy when I took it in my hand (I was only trying to place it in the most artistic position). I didn’t think she would have any difficulty.

Sure enough, she didn’t. Within 60 seconds of glancing at her watch, and seemingly without any effort at all, she was sending good, strong, white-hot spurts onto her tummy and her thick bush of pubic hair. ladyboyIt was a textbook example of how to cum to best effect for a photographer.

Thank you, I said.

“You like? I can come back see you soon. Up to you.”

I took her mobile number, and indeed we will be replaying this scene very soon, only this time without a camera.

My young friend is just 19, the kind of age where you can cum just by thinking about it, and several times a night is not only easy, it is almost necessary. She is quite tall, about five-eight, and has a well-built body that, had she remained a male, would I think have been strong and athletic.

Sometimes, as in this case, I get to thinking that many ladyboys are a serious loss to Thailand’s distaff population. Time after time I see a physically beautiful ladyboy who has a good, strong cock, and who if her life had run to a more conventional pattern, ladyboywould have made an excellent sexual partner for a genetic girl.

It is not just the body structure, of course: the size and shape and appetite of the dick is so important. My young friend has one that is full and plump and firm, ideal for pushing its way into a waiting young girl. Other cocks come to mind that were so beautifully engineered for the job they were designed to do that it seemed almost (!) a waste that they had been put onto a ladyboy.

But so be it. The girls’ loss is our gain. It is through ladyboys that I have come to appreciate the beauty of the penis. Without ladyboys, I would never have realised. The emails I get from all over the world tell me that I am far from being alone in this.

Up Uranus

ladyboy cock A friend the other day warned me about a ladyboy I was about to meet who, he had discovered, had robbed him of some money when she was left briefly alone in his room. Have you ever had that happen, he asked me.

I replied that in all my years of having been involved with ladyboys I have suffered only three thefts, and two of those were by the same ladyboy. She had stolen a camera from me, but it was a cheap film camera that I didn’t use, and it was several weeks before I realised that it was missing. The other item was a dildo.

“That pink one?” asked my friend with interest. He knows the site very well. I complimented him on his memory, because this was several years back. I had bought the thing from the Ann Summers shop in Oxford Street and had been quite fond of it as a prop, as it was a nice colour. It was a long one, but nonetheless I had had several models who managed to get it right up their rear ends, with the help of a large dollop of KY, and the photographs had been pretty good.

The dildo was the vibrating type, ladyboyand I had used it in a couple of videos: you can hear it buzzing away like an electric razor, although you cannot see it vibrating because (tee hee!) it is largely hidden.

I was always careful when using it during a shoot because it would have been easy enough to cause damage to the poor model. And that brings me onto the subject of haemorrhoids.

I was taking photographs of a gorgeous young ladyboy only a few days ago, and getting quite worked up about her. Then she pulled down her pants so that I could get some up-the-bottom shots and I saw that she had a bad case of the dreaded piles. This of course can happen all too easily when something hard is rammed up the bottom (despite what a lot of people think, it isn’t designed for that). And of course, that is partly what ladyboys are all about (bless them).

But it made me go cold. It does indeed turn me right off, especially if I have to sit in front of the screen and photoshop the nasty little swellings and contusions out. You get to see them in clinical detail when you do that, and they are not pretty. ladyboyAnd I see so many cases. After all, if you are poking a camera lens up someone’s bum, and as many bums as I do, you are asking for trouble.

Some years ago now (look away at this point if you are of a queasy disposition) I knew a ladyboy who was very well known on the circuit, which was much smaller than it now is, and who in those early internet days had become a star of most of the LB sites. She had a cute face and body, and the sweetest little cock, but she also had, as the doctors would describe it, a prolapsed anus. The lining literally hung out of her bottom by about half an inch, and she had to tuck it back in by hand. It was a real nuisance when taking photographs. Obviously she had been banged too hard too often, and the lining had become detached.

(You can look back now.)

There was also the case (uh-oh, I think you had better look away again) of a really lovely ladyboy who I photographed very soon after she had been fucked by someone with a really thick dick, for the skin on both sides of her hole had been worn right away, ladyboyleaving two very sore looking abrasions. Again, this caused me a lot of grief in front of my screen, although not nearly as much as it must have caused the ladyboy.

(Right, I’ve finished.)

So, I have always been very careful when doing that kind of thing myself with ladyboys. Some of them have a natural talent for taking it up them, and do not suffer any ill effect. But others are surprisingly tight. I have examined closely well over a thousand arseholes and probably have more expertise than the average doctor. I have also probed an impressive number. Believe me, a tube of KY Jelly is an important part of any gentleman’s wardrobe. You wouldn’t want to spoil any of my pictures, would you?

Secret lives

ladyboy cockHow many men, I wonder, lead secret lives? This thought occurred to me recently when I met up with an old friend, together with his wife. They made a delightful couple, clearly devoted to each other. Yet I know that as he roams the world on business, he indulges in his deep addiction to ladyboys. “I can’t do without them,” he explains. “I don’t bother with girls anymore. It’s the ladyboys.”

There are plenty of other examples. The friend who on a recent visit to Bangkok managed to leave his girlfriend enjoying the hotel spa while he went for a quickie with a ladyboy. The married man I knew who on a visit to Bangkok went full-blast at the ladyboy scene, explaining to me afterwards that he was perfectly happy with his married life and that he loved his wife, but that ladyboys excited a different part of his personality: “It’s almost like I’m two people,” he said.

I remember the young IT specialist who had contacted me before his first visit to Bangkok, saying he was desperate to meet up with ladyboys but was too shy to do it on his own. “I don’t think I could handle the bar scene,” he said. So I took him to KC3, where in his urgent need to get started before he lost his bottle, he took up with the first ladyboy who spoke to him, bar-fined her, and as he told me later, almost came in his pants when they got into the hotel room. “It was all over in 20 minutes,” he said. ladyboyI tactfully refrained pointing out that the girl he was with was one of the most ordinary girls in the bar. In his rush, he hadn’t noticed. He told me that I was the first person he had ever confided in. “If they ever heard about this in the pub, I would have to move out of the area,” he explained.

Then there was the university lecturer who asked for a discrete introduction to one of the models on the site so that he could spend time with her when he was out here on an exchange visit. He told me that a couple of his students were also spending their holidays in Bangkok, and that the possibility of meeting them when he was cruising for ladyboys was a mortifying one. “Back at home I’m regarded by my students as a pretty boring bloke, married for 22 years, two kids, no interests apart from my subject, art history,” he said. “But every day I fantasise about ladyboys. I’m not a closet gay, I have a satisfying sex life at home. Ladyboys stir up emotions I never knew I had.”

I myself like to believe that I pass as an ordinary person (albeit a devilishly handsome one), and that going about my daily business no one would possibly guess that the evening before, I had been eagerly exploring the cock and bottom of a young ladyboy eager to help me in every way she could.

In some ways, having a secret life is itself exciting. But while it is fine for me, living here, and able to indulge and then cover my tracks easily enough, it is a lot less easy for those who only visit Thailand or other countries with a sizeable ladyboy population.

When I first started out with ladyboys, it was long before the days of the internet. ladyboyI didn’t even know what ladyboys were. I had never heard of them. These days, with so much ladyboy porn on the net, it is very easy to become addicted to the images. For most people, they are something entirely new. Something completely exotic that excites because it has never been seen or experienced, and because so many of the ladyboys who are posted on the net are under any criteria, extremely beautiful. In my experience, a lot of men visit Thailand because of the ladyboys.

For those men who are married, or in long-term relationships, does going with a ladyboy constitute being unfaithful? This is something of a conundrum. Having sex with a genetic girl certainly is. Having sex with a member of the third sex is problematical, in ethical terms. Enjoy the moment, is my advice. And, of course, keep quiet about it.

Rear view

ladyboy cockI have seen a lot of arseholes in my time (not you, mate, sit down!) and I can tell you one thing with confidence – they are not all the same.

The default setting for this part of the body is a neat little crack with a surrounding of slightly puckered skin that looks, at least to those of a poetic turn of mind, rather like a sunburst. Sometimes the crack is a little more pronounced, due to larger internal plumbing, and then it looks more like the tied end of a balloon. But, as I say, there is a world of difference, and when you get to see as many as I do, in close-up, you become very much aware of this.

Of course, although the rectum is not designed for sexual intercourse (despite what many people seem to think), if you use it in this way then you are possibly going to change the shape of the thing. I was photographing a cute ladyboy during the week and found, when she lay on her back with her knees raised, that she had a greatly enlarged bottom hole that was almost certainlyladyboy not the shape she was born with. She was only 18, and already had clearly seen a lot of rear action.

Then again, there is a regular ladyboy visitor to my place who I have known for years, ever since she was 18, and despite the most intense activity in this department, she has retained the sweet and innocent looking little crack she had at that age: it does however open up to accommodate whatever is offered, as long as a considerable amount of KY Jelly is applied, and afterwards, after the storm is over, it returns to its former innocence.

Yet others I have known have succumbed to the kind of damage one might expect to happen when something hard is pushed up the bottom without too much in the way of caution by the pusher. I have seen some nasty cases of piles, and have spent more hours than I care to recall hunched in front of Photoshop to make the pictures a little more inviting. This is something I would rather not do.

A surprising number of ladyboys have smooth, completely hairless little bottoms. Some have just the faintest amount of hair around the entry point, scarcely visible to the eye and showing up only under the studio flash. ladyboySome have a thick covering of hair, which can be exciting, depending of course on the ladyboy herself. The three models I have used to illustrate this piece each have very different rear ends, and each to my mind is outstandingly beautiful. But then I like just about anything.

Those who love ladyboys and who are intrigued by this little-appreciated feature of the human anatomy are probably best placed to indulge in their interests. If you stay with GGs, then you might get yourself a reputation for being a little, well, obsessive. Gays are another matter entirely, and I don’t know what goes on over there, but the very thought makes me impotent. So…ladyboys it is.

Crimes of fashion

ladyboy cockThe ladyboy who had just arrived for a photoshoot looked fine to me, except for what she was wearing. She was dressed as the Sugar Plum Fairy. And it was only lunchtime.

I looked at the totally unselfconscious figure standing in front of me. Butterfly-style hairband, sparkly blouse, and a filmy white ballerina skirt. She had travelled on the bus dressed like this, all the way from one of the suburbs to my place.

This was far from being an isolated incident. I had one model turn up at lunchtime dressed in a gold lame dress and fishnet stockings. Another with a short dress made from gauze and with her bra-less tits hanging out. Another in hot pants so small that her bottom cheeks were visible. One in a pink pyjama suit. One in a cocktail dress with sequins and wearing six-inch heels. I could go on.

Why is it that ladyboys spend so much time and effort into making their faces and bodies look so beautiful, and then trash it all by dressing like something out of a pantomime? ladyboyAnd aren’t they aware that, while at nighttime maybe this doesn’t look too grotesque, early on a hot Bangkok afternoon, in the merciless glare of the sun, they absolutely do not look sexy.

Ladyboys don’t seem to have an off-switch when it comes to going over the top. Some of them deliberately want to shock, some are pushing the limits of their own creative impulses, some are using it as a kind of body-shield and hiding their own insecurities in plain sight. Others, however, simply don’t have the faintest idea about female fashion or decorum.

This, I would think, is what happens when a young ladyboy from the provinces arrives in Bangkok and suddenly finds an endless supply of inexpensive clothing available at markets, boutiques and department stores. You would look hard to find anywhere else in Asia that is quite so productive, and quite so cheap, in terms of the local garments industry.

Thailand is in fact famous for its fashion and garments shopping – go to Pratunam, which is the centre of the rag trade, ladyboyand wander around its huge market and its malls, and you will be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity. The same applies to smaller markets such as Klong San and Huay Kwang. The output, and the demand, are phenomenal. Place a ladyboy amongst all this, and perhaps it is not surprising that impulse purchases are made that maybe are regretted later: but with the budget blown, the clothes are worn regardless.

Anyway, I unpeeled my Sugar Plum Fairy. She had a neat little wand. In the end I was quite taken by her. But I did let her find her own way out of the building, without the polite accompaniment I usually offer my models.