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The balcony scene

ladyboy cockI tend to use a number of set venues on a regular basis for photographing ladyboys. These are places I know I am safe. Shooting pornography is illegal in Thailand, and if I check into a hotel carrying a couple of big studio lights and am then followed by a steady procession of ladyboys, it will be obvious to even the slower type of security guard what I am doing.

There are a few hotels where I know I am reasonably safe, as I have used them for years without any trouble, and the staff know me. I’m a generous tipper under such circumstances. There are also a few apartments, one of them being in a riverside tower block, and featuring a particularly spacious balcony with a 180-degree view of the river and the street 15 floors below.

For a long time I used this balcony as a setting for the photographs, devoting the first part of the set to shots there before moving inside. In the end I used it too much. Even I realised that, but it was only when Webmaster Spike suggested that if he saw another balcony set he would throw me off it that I decided with reluctance to stop venturing out there with ladyboy and camera.

But it was a splendid setting. And it was also interesting in that it brought out the personality of the ladyboy I was photographing, for their responses to posing provocatively on the balcony were many and varied.

First, there were those who took one look at the unaccustomed height (Thais are not high-rise creatures) and declined to even venture out of the room. Then there were those who were convinced that, as they could see the entire world, the entire world could also see them. In vain I would argue that we were overlooked by no other buildings, that the nearest tower block was a hotel a mile or more away round the bend in the road, and that I had been on the ground level myself trying to see if I could see what was on my balcony, and that I could see nothing. It was simply too high up. The angle was wrong unless you moved a long way back along the road, by which time anything going on there was simply too small to see.

Then there were those who would stand in the shelter of the 6ft high potted fern and gently ease their pants down, which I always used to find pretty exciting. I got many good sequences with that type of model, particularly when the lighting was such that dramatic shadows of the fronds were thrown across wall and girl.ladyboy cock

Best of all though, and I have to say these were pretty rare, were the ladyboys who would prance out onto the balcony, completely naked. Cherie was a master of this particular form of exhibitionism, always willing to display her gorgeous little body to the world in general. And taking shots of Cherie, and the others who pulled a similar stunt, was enormously exciting. The fact that they were there, totally naked, with life going on behind them unseeing and unknowing, was a big turn-on for me.

When you think about it, exhibitionism is what it is. We all, I think, have this tendency to want to do provocative things in public. Especially if we know we are safe.

Hair today

ladyboy pubic hair

A sure sign that the hot weather has arrived: out of the past half dozen ladyboys I have photographed, three of them had shaved off their pubic hair. I asked each of them if a customer had asked them to do it, and they all said, no, I did it myself.

For those of you who haven’t experienced Thailand’s summer heat, it is not just the sun but the humidity. This is especially the case in Bangkok, which is as flat as a pancake and only a little over 4ft above sea level. During these months you do all you can to keep cool, and if your occupation happens to be in the sexual services industry, personal hygiene is doubly important.

The visual effects of shaving off the pubes vary immensely. A good, big, strong cock will look even more impressive, but a little underpowered one will look even more mournful. Good skin and a close and careful use of the razor will leave an attractive and smooth pubis, but poor skin will look spotty and blotchy, and let’s face it, pubic stubble is not attractive. So on balance I tend to prefer a good strong growth of pubic hair and I do find myself enthralled by some of the more spectacular bushes I see.ladyboy pubic hair

Pubic hair growth is one of those rather neglected areas of interest, left to the genuine connoisseur to appreciate. The growth varies tremendously, from a tiny V-shaped patch through to a light and fluffy sprinkling with no real form, to a fetching heart-shaped tangle of tight curls, all the way through to a great fragrant black mass of hair that marches up towards the tummy button.

Looking through some of my earlier sets recently, when I was doing some long overdue filing, I was struck by the immense difference in types I have seen over the years. I had at the time been compos mentis enough to linger over photographing the hair, often getting up really close with a macro lens if the growth was remarkable, and even amongst the tangle with a particularly impressive model, and as a consequence I had a large collection of pictures showing pubic hair in all its glorious forms.

I noted how the growth was often thicker at the sides and relatively sparse over the cock. Sometimes the delta-shape grew crookedly, so that one corner was higher then the other. ladyboy pubic hairOn some models the hair grew outward to form a rather attractive covering for the first inch or two of the dick. Some had hairy bottoms but a not particularly hairy pubis, while others had a mass of hair over their cock but a completely hair-free bottom. Few had any hair on their balls. And very few had hair on their legs, I’m happy to say, although I did find one instance of this in which it was actually quite attractive, the model being only just 18 and with an otherwise very feminine appearance.

With some of the girls that I had photographed on several occasions I had managed to record their own changing needs and tastes. Some had shaved the hair off at certain times, or had trimmed it right back, or simply let it grow wild so that it became shaggier and shaggier over a period of a couple of years. One of the models, Jenny, had died her pubes blond, which was distinctly original. Ton had a naturally heart-shaped growth when she was younger, but in more recent sets that seemed to have grown out. Cherie, tiny and neat in body, also has a naturally tiny, neat growth of pubic hair. The great Talisha, whose pubic hair was unremarkable, had taken to shaving it off to make her cock look even bigger than it already did. Bea, with her cute little Chinese willy, had fluffy hair so light that she had at various times shaved it off without my noticing. ladyboy pubic hair

On some the hair is soft and on others, wiry. Some hair is coarse and frizzy. Ice, for example, who I have been photographing for years, has a rough little pubic patch above her sweet little cock. Honey, also a long-time model, has long, silken pubic hair that is not unlike the hair on her head in terms of texture. Golf has an untamed jungle of fine hair growing up towards her tummy. Apple, who is very light-skinned and almost European in appearance (to me she always looks French) has pubes that are light brown. As I worked my way through the sets, I decided that unshaved in general made for a far better set of pictures, especially when there was a puddle of creamy white cum on the hair. But then I have to admit I like just about everything.

Bib and tuck

captain outrageous, ladyboy cherie

I watched a ladyboy wanking off this afternoon, and when she had finished, as she leaned against the wall gasping, I told her with genuine admiration that she had a big cock. I suppose it’s because you exercise it every day? I said.

“No,” she replied, earnestly. “It’s because I have to pull hard every day and tuck between my legs. Lot of ladyboy have same problem.”

I was a bit doubtful about the pulling having any effect on dick length, but she did have a point about the tucking away. Ladyboys have to do something to hide the bulge. Imagine a ladyboy bulging out of tight jeans, or suddenly experiencing a tent-like erection in a cotton frock. Well, personally, I like the idea: but of course it would rather spoil the illusion that the ladyboy was all girl.

I’m not sure if KC3 still do so, but in years gone by they would always insist that their dancers tape their dicks well back between their legs so that they didn’t suddenly stand up and burst out of their pants while on stage. This was very unattractive, because the sticky tape left a residue. Time and again I would have someone turn up for a photoshoot and I would discover tell-tale traces of sticky tape. You work at Bar King don’t you, I would say.

“Yes! How you know?”

The residue was often almost invisible, but the studio lights pick it up and it’s a real nuisance. Difficult to remove, too. Often we would stop while I applied soap and water and then scraped it away with a finger nail. But that didn’t work too well, and it was easier to get rid of the marks later on screen, using Photoshop.

If you look at a naked ladyboy from the rear, when she has her cock tucked up between her legs, the effect is rather startling. A good big one will be staring back at you from directly beneath a cute little bottom, and as soon as you reach out a tentative hand to stroke it, it will vanish and swing up into the action position on the other side. Quite good fun, actually, on a lazy weekend afternoon.captain outrageous, ladyboy cherie

Some ladyboys are so adept at this trick of pulling their cock back between their legs that they produce a neat little dimple that looks for all the world like a pussy. I remember one girl who could do this very effectively, and she would stand in the mirror admiring herself and saying, “I just like lady, yes?”

Well, she was until I gently ran my hand down her bottom and gave the protruding length a gentle squeeze, whereupon of course the serpent would release itself and rise up in front of her. Some lady, I would tell her. I thought you were a real girl. Cue helpless giggles from my friend, and an irresistible urge on my part to get her to shoot a load, by whichever means were uppermost in my mind at the time.

I’ve said it before…real girls can’t do that.

Leading from behind

captain outrageous, ladyboy modelle

Anybody who takes as many photographs of naked people as I do soon develops a keen eye for anatomical differences.

Take, for example, the ladyboy bottom. Alright! I know what you are going to say! He is a right pervert who has a fetish about bums! We’ve heard him before on this blog, going on about it!

Well…okay…I admit it. But let us take this subject academically, or at least with the eye of a photographer.

There are few things more intoxicating than the sight of a ladyboy on her hands and knees, with her back arched and her smooth little bottom in the air. Taking the photograph from directly behind, the ideal picture is of bottom cheeks parted to form perfect round hemispheres with the entry point slightly open and eagerly waiting.

The point is that anatomically, this is not possible for a lot of models. The structure of their body, the curvature of the spine, the setting of the hips, the fatty content of their bottom cheeks will all work together to make this view possible or not.
captain outrageous, ladyboy cherie

Some ladyboys simply cannot arch their backs in that way, and on some the buttocks do not separate naturally to give that awesome view. Instead, you get an attractive enough view, certainly, but the cheeks of her bottom will be pressed together, and that tantalising little hole will be invisible unless you get her to pull them apart.

This peculiarity came home to me when I was taking pictures of Modelle recently. She has a perfect behind for that style of photograph, and I took far too many shots of her bum. When I had finished, she sat up and said, “Phew!” I apologised profusely, because I’m always asking during the course of a shoot if the model is comfortable and happy. And, for a while there, I had forgotten; I was so engrossed.

There are other aspects, too. Skin blemishes, especially pimples, being foremost. Rare is the model who has perfect skin on her bottom, with pimples and scaly skin being the main problem. Many is the time I have sat at the computer screen late into the night, photoshopping pimples from a ladyboy’s bottom and wondering quite what my career has come to.
captain outrageous, ladyboy honey

I have been very lucky indeed to see some absolutely beautiful bottoms during the course of taking photographs. I think the best I have ever seen belongs to Cherie. I never tire of seeing it. Flawless skin, pale colouring, creamy smooth texture, sublimely rounded cheeks, a clearly defined cleft, a tiny little crack with just a slight tinge of pink: utter perfection. I posted a video of her a while back, and looking at it again recently, for the first time since I did the editing, I realised that I devoted half the time to panning over those lovely cheeks of hers.

Honey is another example of a sublime rear end. Firm to the touch, not a scar or tattoo or pimple in sight, with a hole that opens out when she goes onto her elbows and knees, it is a photographer’s dream. Ice is another, although I regret very much that she decided a while back to have that dragon tattoo done. Nan has a perfect, plump little bottom. Nong, intriguingly, has a bum where the entry always seems to be visible, even when she is not trying. I watch her walk past me, naked, and it winks at me.
captain outrageous, ladyboy nong

Other girls, however, can leave me unmoved in that department. But then they usually compensate in some other way. Seldom do you find a ladyboy who doesn’t have anything at all attractive about her. And I avoid those, anyway.

Please do tease

Cherie - Captain Outrageous

Many ladyboys understand the fact that a lot of men like their women to act slutty, and they build up a persona of the teenage slut that would be hard for anyone to resist.

I well remember a young ladyboy friend who used to dress in a tennis skirt and trainers with white socks, and who had a knock-knee stance that brought me out in a hot flush. She was small and super-cute, and to tease me she would flip up her tiny skirt and display her beknickered little bottom, slowly pulling down her panties halfway before springing away from my grasp, giggling. The little minx.

I also find that dressing suitable ladyboys as schoolgirls brings out the tease in them, and that suddenly they start to speak in a lisping little-girl manner, give me shy little under-the-eyelash glances, and sit in a sprawling manner so that their panties can be clearly seen. When the uniforms come off, the white socks stay on, and the necktie too, if they are wearing one. Somehow they know instinctively that this is fantastically arousing.

I remember a genetic girl asking me once, what did I find so exciting about ladyboys. I told her that ladyboys know how everything works, that they understand what is a turn-on, and how to fulfil fantasies. My GG friend couldn’t really understand too well what I was saying. To her, being a girl was enough. Surely, all that men wanted was simply to have sex? Not so, I said. There is an enormous need for fantasy as well. If your fantasy is to be with a gorgeous little schoolgirl who acts in the most slutty way before revealing herself to be a boy, then so be it. It takes all sorts.

I also tried to explain the forbidden fruit aspect. Many young GGs know instinctively how to tease, but it stops there. You don’t get to have actual sex with them. But with a ladyboy, you know that along with the teasing, sex will certainly follow. Ladyboys don’t refuse sex. They still have the sex-drive of a male, and will be as excited as you at the thought of what is about to happen. Plus, they will be enthralled to see how you are falling for their feminine charms and their come-hither act.

I remember once taking photographs in a riverside park in Bangkok. My ladyboy model, Cherie, was very young and innocent looking. She jumped down next to the water, just out of sight of the people in the park, and promptly yanked her jeans down so that I had an eyeful of her pert, pale little bottom. Then she went into giggles as I gave an involuntary impression of a landed fish, eyes bulging and mouth opening and closing soundlessly.

On another occasion with another ladyboy, during one hot afternoon when she had stopped by and found my maid was still in the apartment working, she asked if she could take a shower. I sat working at my computer, while she showered and then emerged dressed only in a towel. I watched her, hot with desire, as she sauntered past and went into the kitchen. My maid was out on the balcony, watering the plants. My ladyboy friend gave me a sultry look, turned her back on me, dropped her towel, and then with both hands gently parted the cheeks of her bottom, laughing as I almost went into meltdown at my keyboard. Just in time, she grabbed the towel as my maid entered the room with her watering can.

Yes, of course, GGs do all this and more. But ladyboys sometimes do it better.