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What a w*nker!

ladyboy cockI once had a ladyboy friend who was excessively fond of wanking off (if that can be considered unusual). By which I mean that although she was always up for a session at any time, when I was busy working on the computer, say during a warm afternoon, she would creep away quietly and a while later I would hear a cry: “Come see this!” And she would be sprawled on the floor next to the sliding doors and the balcony, the warm sun on her body, and a huge puddle of sticky white semen over her tummy.

“You might have called me earlier,” I would say, reproachfully, because I’m never too occupied to stop for five minutes to watch a ladyboy having a wank. “You too busy,” she would reply, watching her cock subsiding, an expression of satisfaction on her face.

She would wank off in the bath, and under the shower. She would sit out on the balcony, in full view of the street (I’m a dozen floors above street-level), and wank off there. She wanked off in the kitchen once, ejaculating into a glass, holding it up to the light to admire the milky white colour and taking a tiny sip, although wrinkling up her lovely little nose in disgust.

We went upcountry, to a waterfall, and she wanked off in the bushes. She wanked off behind a tree in a banana plantation. She kept a small motorcycle at her upcountry family home, and ladyboyshe sat bare-bummed on the saddle, saying that the warmth of the material turned her on, and she wanked off there.

She also had a habit of laying flat on her tummy on the bed, reading, and suddenly getting an idea in her mind. She normally wore a little pair of shorts about the house, and down these would come, revealing her bare brown bum. Then she would bring herself off by massaging and thrusting her cock against the mattress, letting out with a groan and then leaping up eagerly to examine the big wet patch on the sheet.

“Oh, yes, very good,” she would say approvingly, because this was at a time she had stopped taking hormones and she was enjoying the life that was coming back to her dick.

She liked to lay face down on top of my thigh and bring herself off in the same way, generously allowing me to massage her bottom as she thrust against me, until I felt a great warmth spreading over my leg. And of course she enjoyed kneeling over my face, allowing me to lick her balls as she wanked off frantically above me.

None of this affected her ability to cum at any time I felt in need of a taste of protein, spurting fulsomely within a minute of tongue touching cock.

When I’m taking photographs I look at the model’s cock as soon as her pants come down, wondering if she is going to be an easy or a slow cummer. ladyboyVery few ladyboys have an instant erection, despite the attractiveness and sexual desirability of the photographer. It needs a little gentle massage to bring a cock to life, which I am quite happy to supply, and as soon as I touch the thing I can get a pretty good idea of how effective it is going to be.

There are cocks that spring into life straight away, and which have a good deal of muscle to them. These are almost certainly going to be spectacular. But also I often find that the smaller, more limp ones can do a pretty impressive job.

I suppose it all comes down to the fact that most of the models are young, and are as fit for it as the rest of us. Those taking hormones might take a long time to get there, but they usually do. No matter how feminine they appear, they still have the instinct to ejaculate, as quickly and as often as possible, which is one of the reasons that sex with a ladyboy is usually such an explosive affair.


Comment from willy wanker
Time May 26, 2014 at 3:56 pm

she seems a bit conservative to me captain!

Comment from Mavrick
Time May 28, 2014 at 8:29 am

Walking in the preesnce of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

Comment from Cheeky Chappie
Time May 29, 2014 at 3:11 pm

I had a wanking contest with Aom from Cascade a couple of months back. She cum first! Then when I was still waiting for life to come back to the pecker, she did it again! Big spurts too. She told me she can do it five times a day, no problem.

Comment from Ronnie
Time June 2, 2014 at 1:36 pm

Had my first taste of cum a few days ago! Took Mon from KC3 and we went to a shortttime place nearby. Her cock was hard straight away. She kneeled over my face and rammed her cock into my mouth and she came almost at once. Im not sure who was surprised the most – her or me! There was a lot of it but it all went down without choking me. I was surprised by the flavour and at how warm it was. Tasted a bit nutty, a bit salty – a nice full taste but not easy to describe. I had been wondering a long time what cum actually tasted like, but I had only been with a couple of ladyboys before and I had only licked there cocks a little bit becos i was desperate to get off myself and hehe! they certainly helped me with that. But now cannot wait to do it again. Im back in Hull now, not much chance of finding a ladyboy here haha.

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