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I was shooting a video of Jeuw a few days ago, and I asked her what she was doing nowadays. The last time I had met her, a year ago, she had been working in a Patpong music bar as a singer. She told me she was now a sales promoter and demonstrator in a large department store: one of those girls who hands out product samples and then offers you the product at a bargain price. “But I still go Patpong sometimes,” she said with a big smile.

This in turn made me smile. I could well imagine her, nicely made-up and very feminine, being an efficient sales promoter. Jeuw is slightly built and she looks and sounds good, and could easily pass as a genetic girl. What, I wondered, would shoppers think if they discovered that underneath that neat little corporate dress she had a neat little dick that was very active? Or that the previous evening she had been stripping in front of me and wanking off for my movie camera, and that her video would be seen all over the world?

I do like the idea of having a secret life. I have one myself. Very few people other than the ladyboy community know what I do, and to most people I am just an ordinary bloke who seems at times to be feverishly busy for no discernible reason.

Jeuw’s own secret life has her sneaking off to Patpong after a hard day schmoozing shoppers, where she hopes to entice a wealthy farang to give her a quick one up the rear entry. Come to think of it, her sales technique is equally invaluable in both jobs.

Taking this idea of a secret life even further, I bet there aren’t too many people who know that you are reading this. Or that you like ladyboys, or at least that you like the idea of ladyboys. We are, after all, very sensitive about the impressions others form about us. This is particularly the case with our sexual preferences. I remember, after first discovering ladyboys, making an unwise mention of my experience in a London pub. After that, I kept my lip buttoned for years until the internet came along, when to my great surprise I discovered there were a lot of other people around who had similar experiences, and tastes, as myself.

I remember too a few years ago a wealthy friend organising a party in his Bangkok penthouse, to which he invited a select number of friends and a whole bar-full of Nana Plaza girls (genetic girls, I mean). The evening predictably turned into an orgy, with most of his guests quite willing to be seen by their friends doing what comes naturally with the girls.

My wealthy friend, who was also heavily into ladyboys, as were a significant number of his party guests, next announced that he was going to hold a similar event the following month at which he would employ only ladyboys. Despite the personal inclinations of most of those invited, no one wanted to attend. The party was cancelled.

Lesson: Guys are quite happy for their friends to see them fucking a genetic girl but are distinctly shy about being seen playing with a ladyboy’s cock. We all have our little secrets, and are quite happy to see them remain that way.


Comment from Cock Lover
Time November 15, 2010 at 10:15 am

Ouch man … scale your vidz. takes to long to load

Comment from Captain Outrageous
Time November 18, 2010 at 1:33 am

Apologies to everyone who found the clip slow to upload or who found the page appearing in an odd shape. I was experimenting with different YouTube formats for a couple of days.

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