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ladyboy cockI have seen a lot of arseholes in my time (not you, mate, sit down!) and I can tell you one thing with confidence – they are not all the same.

The default setting for this part of the body is a neat little crack with a surrounding of slightly puckered skin that looks, at least to those of a poetic turn of mind, rather like a sunburst. Sometimes the crack is a little more pronounced, due to larger internal plumbing, and then it looks more like the tied end of a balloon. But, as I say, there is a world of difference, and when you get to see as many as I do, in close-up, you become very much aware of this.

Of course, although the rectum is not designed for sexual intercourse (despite what many people seem to think), if you use it in this way then you are possibly going to change the shape of the thing. I was photographing a cute ladyboy during the week and found, when she lay on her back with her knees raised, that she had a greatly enlarged bottom hole that was almost certainlyladyboy not the shape she was born with. She was only 18, and already had clearly seen a lot of rear action.

Then again, there is a regular ladyboy visitor to my place who I have known for years, ever since she was 18, and despite the most intense activity in this department, she has retained the sweet and innocent looking little crack she had at that age: it does however open up to accommodate whatever is offered, as long as a considerable amount of KY Jelly is applied, and afterwards, after the storm is over, it returns to its former innocence.

Yet others I have known have succumbed to the kind of damage one might expect to happen when something hard is pushed up the bottom without too much in the way of caution by the pusher. I have seen some nasty cases of piles, and have spent more hours than I care to recall hunched in front of Photoshop to make the pictures a little more inviting. This is something I would rather not do.

A surprising number of ladyboys have smooth, completely hairless little bottoms. Some have just the faintest amount of hair around the entry point, scarcely visible to the eye and showing up only under the studio flash. ladyboySome have a thick covering of hair, which can be exciting, depending of course on the ladyboy herself. The three models I have used to illustrate this piece each have very different rear ends, and each to my mind is outstandingly beautiful. But then I like just about anything.

Those who love ladyboys and who are intrigued by this little-appreciated feature of the human anatomy are probably best placed to indulge in their interests. If you stay with GGs, then you might get yourself a reputation for being a little, well, obsessive. Gays are another matter entirely, and I don’t know what goes on over there, but the very thought makes me impotent. So…ladyboys it is.


Comment from Major Disaster
Time May 26, 2014 at 10:58 am

I confess I have had ladyboys up me more times than I care to remember!! Well thats not true really as I like to remember it all when I am stuck back here in Blackburn and cannot wait to get back to Bangkok and Pattaya. But that is what rings my bell. I didn’t realise before I first did it just how addictive getting fucked can be. It all started when I was on my second trip to Bangkok about 5 years ago. I took a LB from Cascade and when we got into the room she asked me if I wanted to be fucked. I had never done it before. Im not gay and in fact gays make me feel ill. But she had such a hard little cock and suddenly it seemed like a good idea. Hurt a bit but she was okay and like I say her cock wasn’t very big. From then on I have done this with as many LBs as I can get my hands on. i always ask them now if they can do it and if they say yes then we are on. The bigger the better for me. I can take it. Haven’t had a problem like you describe Capt and haha I hope I never do!!!

Comment from Jon in Brisbane
Time May 26, 2014 at 4:04 pm

I was with this cutest little ladyboy who looked like a real girl and we had just met and we had gone to my hotel and undressed I was laid on my back and she said to me in the sweetest little voice would you like me to fuck you? And she did with her hard little cock. It was really weird becos I had this little angel face above me just like i was with a real girl but she was fucking me and not me fucking her. Really made me feel a bit different about the world if you see what I mean.

Comment from Roger the Todger
Time May 28, 2014 at 4:37 pm

It used to be pussy for me but i always liked a girl’s bum and also liked to try and stick it up there too. But I didn’t have much luck with that because the ladies don’t seem to like it that much :( However, since I discovered ladyboys I can do it all the time and now it seems just as natural to me as fucking a pussy. More natural – more exciting sometimes too, because an arse is so nice and tight whereas some of the girls I’ve been with you could drive a bus up there.

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